Throwback Thursday-Shots from 2001

I had this great idea of doing a weekly Throwback Thursday post, choosing images shot in the same week of a previous year. I found a file of images from 2009 and had several photos ready to post, but then realized that none of these critters are found here in NW Bali (I was living in Grand Cayman then).

So, I had to change my criteria and just picked photos from the past of things that could be found here. So, the photos in today’s post were shot in 2001 when I was on a liveaboard in Komodo. I’ve seen all of them this month on my dives with Sea Rovers.

Mantis shrimp, Indonesia, Underwater photo

Mantis shrimp poking out of its hole


Porcelain crab, anemone

Porcelain crab in its anemone


Tiger Cowrie, Komodo, Indonesia, Underwater photo

Usually you see just the tiger cowrie shell, but this one’s mantle is extended & it is feeding

Images from the Bommie

Some images by new resident retiree dive photographer Kat Ramage. Expect to see more in the future.

Deep Sea Wonders

Diving Deep Reef has always been interesting and here are a couple of reasons why.

Colourful Mantis shrimp

Praying Mantis Shrimp

Do you know how difficult a shot like this is?

Shrimps in a Feather star

Yet another nudi

Nudi branch

And another Nudibranch

More nudibranch

Dive buddy silhouette

Buddy through a Gorgonian

The Captain

Photo’s By Michael Holm

Greetings all

Michael and his wife Karin have been here the last week, diving and relaxing. Yesterday me and Michael sat down in front of the office computer and narrowed down 800+ photo’s to some 169 usable. Michael then had the task of wittling down the photo’s some more till we had 8 to chose from. Of which the final 5 were photoshop’d and put up here for all to see.


Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Pemuteran, Bali

Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Very Colourful.

Mantis Shrimp waiting to pounce on unsuspecting photographer, Pemuteran Bali

A Mantis Shrimp awaiting some prey. Not to close with that camera Michael or he’ll have it.

Really nice Shrimp on a Feather star, Pemuteran, Bali

Love this one, the green shrimp on the feather star. Nice image.

Cuttlefish, Pemuteran, Bali

A Cuttlefish using sponge as camoflage.

Yet another Mantis Shrimp, Pemuteran, Bali
Another more colourful Mantis shrimp, so many varieties to photograph. And Up here in still sunny NW Bali, despite the best efforts of the rainy season, we have so many to find.

Thanks Michael for sharing and I look forward to perhaps getting out diving with you an Karin next year.

The Captain

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