ssiTry Scuba Diving

A two hour intro to scuba diving. 20mins of monologue and humour, followed by wet work and fish watching. At the end of which you’ll have a piece of cardboard that allows you to go diving with an instructor for up to two weeks.

Scuba diver

The SSI Scuba Diver is essentially a permanent resort/intro course. Consisting of the first two days of the Open Water course. Its for those who want to always go with a guide, not too deep and don’t want to repeat the introduction course every vacation.

Open Water Diver

The OWD course is the first step into a bigger world and you couldn’t find a better place to do it than Pemuteran. A four day course (anyone who tells you differently is more interested in your money than the quality of the course as far as I’m concerned) that takes you through all you need to know to dive safely without being tied to an instructor.

Advanced Adventurer

This course gives a little taste of adventure under the skippers guidance. Can be done in two days and includes five dives, Deep and Navigation are a must, then the choice is yours, night, photography etc…..
::Requirement Open Water certification or equivalent::

Stress and Rescue Diver

Ever wondered what you’d do if a giant Kraken was devouring your dive buddy? Well now you can learn, ±five days of hard rescue and theory which will make sure you know that when the proverbial poop hits the fan, you get out the way. And that if you weren’t fast enough then you’ll know how to deal with the mess.
::Requirements; Open Water & Advanced, First Aid certification or equivalent,
plus 20 logged dives ::

Dive Master

First level of the SSI PRO ladder, this course teaches you not only the theory of diving but also the theory of people. How to lead, guide, assist the instructor.
For Sea Rovers the Dive Master course is a four week internship. We want to turn you into someone we would consider employing, not just a diver with another badge. You will under the Captains guidance, learn what it is to work.
:: Requirements; Open Water, Advanced and Rescue, First Aid certification or equivalent, plus 60 logged dives prior to certification (Divemaster course fee does not include SSI membership costs)::


Want to learn more about a specific form of diving then we offer a range of specialities, Nitrox,  night, wreck, drift, photography etc
Course length varies from one til two days depending on course and required number of dives. Fees reflect this. Contact us for more information.
:: Requirements; Open Water and/or Advanced depending on speciality ::

Digital Underwater Photography

A course in two parts; part one, how to take a picture, part two, how to fix a picture. Learn how to know your camera, importance of white balance, filter uses and limitations plus the importance of bouyancy control. Post production; clean up noise, adjust levels, sharpen and tweak your images to get the results you want, plus the limits of what can be done, tweaking with moduration.
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