Stylized Nudi

Just a bit of playing around with old photos and photoshop. Stylized block print of a skirted nudibranch taken while diving Pemuteran.

Farewell to a Hardcore Brethren Foursome

Hardcore Diving Trio

Jill, Cary & Robert (minus Carol) Motoring to Menjangan

These UW photographer brethren are truly hardcore–they did everything Sea Rovers has to offer–Menjangan, Pemuteran–both day and night dives, and Secret Bay. They came to us fresh off a Komodo liveaboard and are leaving us to dive in Tulamben. Carol was sidelined with ear problems, but hopefully she will be able to get her fins back on in Tulamben. It was great to dive with you guys–next time, stay with us longer!

Diana & Frank Photo’s, been more than a month but slacker that I am I finally got them posted. More photo’s can be found on there website at

Diana @ Menjangan Island

Jacks @ Close Encounters, Pemuteran

Photographing Jacks @ Close Encounters, Pemuteran

Damsels @ Menjangan Island

Turtle @ Menjangan Island

Razor fish and a cold Diana wearing a hood in 27C of water? 🙂
Menjangan Island

Great photo’s, especially the turtle shot. Check out many more on their website.

The Captain

Harijadi & Teti’s Amazing Pemuteran/Menjangan pics

It was really difficult to chose 5 photo’s from Teti and Harijadi as all the photo’s they left here were good. But in the end I went with these.

Menjangan the Caves

Menjangan Island

HariJadi “Pucker up Budda”, Temple Garden

Pipefish, Mucky Pirates Bay

Mantis Shrimp, Mucky Pirates Bay

Menjangan Island

Pipefish at Night, Mucky Pirates Bay

A something or other Nudibranch in Mucky Pirates Bay.
You want to know more check out

Teti on the wall at Menjangan Island


Some brilliant photo’s and I look forward to the next batch.

The Captain

Nicola Symberlist, Fish-eyed wonders

Been a while since Nicola and her family were here and I have to say that I have been a bad, bad Pirate. I completely forgot to post these fish-eyed wonders.

Can you ever forgive me Nicola? I shall go fall off a boat right now as punishment for my crimes 🙂
Majestic he glides along unflustered by everyday woes :-)
Captain Me drifting along the wall at Menjangan Island
Ok, one of these buttons must do what I want....
Captain Paul again obviously trying to figure out the settings on me camera
Aha! Got it!
Ok figured it out. Lets get a nice wide angle of the wall.
Look a Coral Bommie!
One of our Favourite sites these days, The Coral Bommie, with the Biowreck and Bioboomer structures next to it. Diving here helps to support the Reef Gardeners.
Heads down, fins up lets not damage the coral.
Top of the Coral Bommie, tons of colour, teaming with life. What more do you want from a dive?
Thanks Nicola for all the pretty pictures.
The Captain

Photo’s By Michael Holm

Greetings all

Michael and his wife Karin have been here the last week, diving and relaxing. Yesterday me and Michael sat down in front of the office computer and narrowed down 800+ photo’s to some 169 usable. Michael then had the task of wittling down the photo’s some more till we had 8 to chose from. Of which the final 5 were photoshop’d and put up here for all to see.


Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Pemuteran, Bali

Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Very Colourful.

Mantis Shrimp waiting to pounce on unsuspecting photographer, Pemuteran Bali

A Mantis Shrimp awaiting some prey. Not to close with that camera Michael or he’ll have it.

Really nice Shrimp on a Feather star, Pemuteran, Bali

Love this one, the green shrimp on the feather star. Nice image.

Cuttlefish, Pemuteran, Bali

A Cuttlefish using sponge as camoflage.

Yet another Mantis Shrimp, Pemuteran, Bali
Another more colourful Mantis shrimp, so many varieties to photograph. And Up here in still sunny NW Bali, despite the best efforts of the rainy season, we have so many to find.

Thanks Michael for sharing and I look forward to perhaps getting out diving with you an Karin next year.

The Captain

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