Where to stay - plain English - for pirates in training !
If you are looking for a good place to stay whilst visiting Pemuteran, to enjoy some diving, snorkeling or just chilling out, we have a few suggestions below  recommended by Sea Rovers, or our guests – some of whom come back many times to the same hotel. It just depends on your budget.
If you want to look at other choices, then just move further down the page and you can search far and wide!
For those more fluent in 'Pirate speak'- where t' b' 'hangin' y' 'ammock

So ye be a comin’ to Pemuteran for a bit of Divin’ or snorklin’ or chillin’ in laid back NW Bali, and be wonderin’ where to hang ye hammock. In these ‘ere Pirate roaming grounds thar be many fine pirate lodgings to chose from, it just depends how ye want to spend yer pieces o’eight, or how deep ye be plunderin your treasure chest!

To be ‘elpin’ new pirate recruits, here we be listin a few for ye to look at, these be recommended by Sea Rovers and our pirate brethren as fine lodgin’s. And in case they be not enough choice fo’ ye we can also be ‘elpin’ you search further for lodgin’s just right for ye.

For A few pieces 'o'eight, Budget

Some good budget end accommodation options are

Mia Mondok,

Giri Sari,

For those with doubloons to spare, Mid Range

There are some great options in mid range, some larger and some smaller more intimate.

Hibiscus Bali Eco Guest House, This is one of the more intimate boutique guest houses, with around 6 rooms, with 2 small timber Jogolo’s currently in construction- (April 2019)  however the other rooms are huge!. Hibiscus has a great feel or atmosphere, with pool and fabulous gardens, away from the main road. And lovely owners. If you want something other than a standard hotel experience – this could be the place.

Tirta Sari Bungalows – A pleasant hotel with bungalow or cottage style accommodation, 3 different types of room, arranged in a garden setting around the pool. Staff are attentive without being obtrusive. A couple of minutes walk to beach,  and just along the road from Sea Rovers. Used by many of our guests. 

Suka Sari Cottages

Taruna Homestay and Spa

Ye be delving into the treasure chest fur these! Luxury

There are more choices at the luxury end than there were just a few years ago

Plataran Menjangan Out of town in the National Park, Good choice of rooms and great facilities, lots of Deer

Dynasty Menjangan, Out of town again,  and you feel like you are on safari in Africa

Matahari  Beach resort and spa, the oldest established 5 star resort in NW Bali. Located in Pemuteran

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