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(an Introduction)

A two hour intro to scuba diving. 20mins of monologue and humour, followed by wet work and fish watching. At the end of which you’ll have a piece of cardboard that allows you to go diving with an instructor for up to two weeks.

Scuba Discovery Course

min age 10yrs, For those who want to test the waters, this is the course for you. The SDI Scuba Discovery Program gives you a glimpse into what you can expect to see in the underwater world as well as what you could expect to learn in the SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Course. You will be shown the basic safety procedures for enjoyable scuba dives under the watchful eye of an SDI instructor. You will learn skills like equalizing your ears, buddy checks, basic buoyancy control, and underwater communication. You will also be given an introduction to basic scuba equipment and scuba skills followed by an underwater tour in the local marine environment. If you enjoy this experience then the SDI Open Water Scuba Diver course is your next step.

Open Water Scuba Diver

The SDI Open Water Scuba Diver course is an entry-level certification course designed to give you the necessary skills to safely conduct open water dives. Some of the many skills you will learn include buoyancy, proper weighting, marine conservation, equipment assembly, proper dive planning, and maintenance. The course covers all the basic knowledge about equipment, physiology and the marine environment while training students to perform basic skills underwater. This course is the key to start exploring dive destinations around the globe or just in your backyard.

Inactive diver – Refresher Course

Has it been a while since you have been diving? Have 12 months gone by and you are planning a big trip? Do you want the reassurance that you are doing everything properly? The SDI Inactive Diver Program will get you back up to speed. During the course, your SDI Instructor will review equipment assembly and maintenance, dive planning, hand signals, proper ascents and descents, emergency procedures, and buoyancy. By the end of this course you will be able to enjoy your next big dive with confidence and ease.

Advanced diver development program

You’ve taken your open water scuba diver course and now your ready to expand your knowledge but you would like to see what is out there first. The SDI Advanced Adventure Diver course will give you an overview of five (5) selected SDI specialties. Two of the specialties are SDI Deep Diver and Navigations Diver, which are the foundation of continuing diver education. The remaining specialties include
* Advanced Buoyancy Control
* Altitude, Boat
* Computer Nitrox
* Drift
* Marine Ecosystem Awareness
* Many More!
This course is intended to introduce you to each of the five (5) specialties and not complete comprehension of the chosen specialty. One (1) dive from each of the chosen specialties may apply towards a complete specialty certification.


Want to learn more about a specific form of diving then we offer a range of specialities, night, wreck, drift, photography etc
Course length varies from one til two days depending on course and required number of dives. Fees reflect this. Contact us for more information.
:: Requirements; Open Water and/or Advanced depending on speciality ::

Rescue Diver

Ever wondered what you’d do if a giant Kraken was devouring your dive buddy? Well now you can learn, ±five days of hard rescue and theory which will make sure you know, that when the preverbial shit hit the fan, get out the way. And that if you weren’t fast enough then you’ll know how to deal with the mess.

The SDI Rescue Diver Course is designed to develop your knowledge and necessary skills to effectively perform diver rescues and assist, and administer necessary first aid. You will learn skills such as how to perform self rescues, buddy rescues, recognize and calm potential panic divers, administer proper first aid to divers that have experienced dive related injuries, conduct effective search patterns and manage accident scenes. After the SDI Rescue Diver Course you can enroll in the SDI Master Scuba Diver Development Program or start in the professional ranks and sign up for the SDI Divemaster Course.
::Requirements; Open Water & Advanced, First Aid certification or equivalent,
plus 20 logged dives ::

Dive Master

The SDI Divemaster Course is the first professional level certification. During this course you will be challenged and learn what it is like to work with divers as they experience the underwater world for the first time and you will learn how to lead already certified divers and show them some of your favorite critters or dive sites. Your SDI Instructor will also teach you how to manage divers, work the dive deck of a boat, and conducting safe and enjoyable dives. Other things you can expect to learn is diving Physics and Physiology, and being a professional SDI Divemaster. Your skills will be refined to demonstration quality and your knowledge increased to that of a professional. After you have completed the SDI Divemaster course you can move onto the SDI Assistant Instructor Course where you will learn more about academic presentations and have the ability to teach certain SDI specialties.
:: Requirements; Open Water, Advanced and Rescue, First Aid certification or equivalent, plus 60 logged dives prior to certification ::

CPR1st Administrator Course

The CPR1st course is one of the two first responder courses that SDI offers. CPR1st, like SDI&146;s other course CPROX, is a straight forwarded program that teaches what you need to know to respond to an emergency until trained professionals arrive. The course is Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid combined in a comprehensive easy to remember format. You will learn the basics of
* Stabilizing a victim
* Using materials that are on hand to respond to injuries
* Administering proper CPR

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