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COVID -19  update.

At present we are closed for business under government directive, and there are no guests anyway, we hope you are well wherever you may be in this crazier than ever world. When we re open we will be abiding by best practices to keep our guests and crew safe and healthy. And things are getting tough here, we have been closed since March 23 with no government support for individuals or companies. If you would like to support our dive crew and their families so they are ready to take you on your next adventure,  please click here

Sea Rovers a Quest for Sunken Treasures

Your personal scuba adventure awaits!


What we offer you is…
Premium service for all things water.

We cater only to small groups and offer personal service

Six divers to a group absolute max, any more and we’d be working for a living and our Sea Rovers Code would never allow that. So if you’re looking to meet 40 other like-minded people on one boat, then you’re on the wrong vessel!

The Diving and Snorkeling is in the rich waters around Northwest Bali where the Captain and Crew have spent many years exploring the depths to bring you the locations that thrill.


Just imagine you are on the deck of the dive boat, just a small group of divers and snorkelers, skipping across the sheltered waters of North West Bali towards Menjangan Island, with the volcanoes of East Java like sentinels in the distance.

As you get closer, the colour of the water changes from deep blue, to crystal clear turquoise as the dive boat slows and stops you start to see the colours of the coral, you can see the myriad of different fish.

Your heartbeat increases with anticipation as you gear up and check. The dive master says remember, just take your time, relax and enjoy.

You step over the side into that water as it closes over you it feels almost luxurious, warm. As you drop down the colours really start to appear and the corals come into focus. Maybe you look up to see your family snorkelling above you and you wave as you descend.

Drifting along a wall stopping to watch and photograph a bright nudibranch. The Divemaster asks you to check your air because the pace is so easy, you have plenty, you carry on exploring, the divemaster points out a ghost pipefish, how did he see that? Remember he has been diving here for years.

Something flashing blue in a crevice catches your eye. What is it? You take a photo.

As you move up movement catches your eye, children wave frantically at you pointing along the reef. Looking up the colours become even brighter and you see a turtle resting in the coral gardens that open up before your eyes. Different colonies all living in harmony in this fantastic almost magical world – just part of the Sea Rovers experience

So if you’re someone looking for a bit of high adventure and undersea treasures, then sign yourself aboard Matey, cos there’s diving & snorkelling to be done!

Scuba Courses

Chose your Weapons

SSI courses, SDI courses and soon TDI

Need to learn to dive, freshen your skills or take the next level. Then talk to our Captain, years of experience, thousands of dives and if he was anymore layed back he’d be horizontal. Catering again only to individuals or groups no greater than 4. We can offer you the best in personal service and quality in training.


Critter hunting and underwater photography

The Captain and Crew’s favourite

We’s be critter hunting, macro photographing, digital camera wielding Pirates of the first order.
This has always been something myself and my crew enjoy. Searching the muck, reefs and dark sands of Pemuteran Bay, Secret Bay and Puri Jati for those wee undersea treasures called critters.
With nothing more fancy than a little compact camera or GoPro with underwater housing. We find all the wonders beneath the Bali Sea for you to enjoy and photograph. You’ll find some images of our macro wonders here in our Gallery or Flickr photosteam

So if you need some tips, want to learn the basics, take a course with The Pirates who UW photograph.

Young snorkeler

Family Favourites…

Its not just about the diving

We offer snorkeling tours & lessons, daytrips to the Menjangan Island, Pemuteran reefs, talks, books, slide shows & movies. Or if you just need some general local knowledge on where to go and what to see in North Bali. Feel free to drop us a line, pop in and ask.

The area around NW Bali offers a wealth of things to see and do. Visit local temples, trekking in the National Park, tours to hotsprings, coffee plantations, vineyards, or even a hop across to Java to see the blue fires of Mount Ijen. We can help you with information and organisation.

Scuba diving, diving courses, snorkeling or just plain lazing on a boat, whatever you decide it’ll all be fun, safe and taken care of so you don’t have to worry, just enjoy.

Learn more of what the reefs have to offer


Menjangan Island

with its walls and drop offs.



Pemuteran Bay

with is wide variety of reefs, wrecks, Award winning coral projects and Underwater Temple



Secret Bay & Beyond

famous for its critters and macro delights.



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We are based in Pemuteran Bay Northwest Bali, close to the Menjangan Island and National Park. We can offer you a safe haven away from all the hustle, bustle and above all hassle of the South of Bali. – NO HAWKERS!

To find out more about Pemuteran Bay follow the link. To learn more about ongoing environmental efforts here in Pemuteran Bay check out Save our Reefs

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