The Sea Rover’s Covenant

It is our aim

  • To provide you, our clients (that we hope to call a friend) with the best possible experience
  • To help you enjoy your holiday, your dives, your snorkelling and generally have fun
  • And have fun ourselves

We do this by

  • Creating a business where the staff enjoy working and sharing their passion for diving and having fun with the clients
  • Giving you personal service
    • Limiting the size of diving groups to a maximum of 6 divers with one divemaster/guide.
    • Asking you what you want from your dive, what you expect, what you would like to see and not telling you.
    • Where possible, dive with other divers with similar experience and interests.
    • Using experienced dive guides who know where to find the elusive little stuff as well as the dramatic big stuff!
  • Maintaining the highest professional standards, this means
    • Providing new, well-maintained diving equipment
    • Keeping the equipment in top-class condition
    • Regularly servicing it? Ask to see the service logs.
    • Regularly updating it (by the way, this means you can take advantage of some great bargains as we rotate our gear)
    • Having systems in place to look after you? Without them getting in the way.
  • Creating a friendly, comfortable and fun environment.
  • Giving you the longest safe bottom time, not cover as much ground as possible? You see more by taking time and tuning in to what is there.
  • Encouraging divers to study the interactions in the marine world, to understand the fragile relationships that make the oceans and reefs what they are

Do you want the simple version? What that really means is We will give you a bloody good experience, filled with wondrous sights and adventure. Whilst having fun, looking after you, treating you like friends, and helping you to understand a bit more about the marine environment.


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