So you be a wantin’ to learn SCUBA Diving?

Then Ladies & Gentlemen chose your weapons for the fun is about to begin. We offer you the choice of courses from three of the main SCUBA certification organisations, SSI, SDI and PADI.

The first question you’ll be asking yourself as someone new to diving is what’s the difference between SSI, SDI and PADI?
And the answer is: None really.

All are governed by the same regulatory body and follow the same high standards of training. All are internationally recognised certification organisations. With a wide range of professionally produced training courses and materials for a multilingual world. But there are differences.

SDI-SCUBA diving international

SDI has been around for many years and is an offshoot of TDI a well establish and respected Technical diver training organisation. The first to implement online training as part and parcel of their courses. They teach you to dive and allows you to choose whether you rent, borrow or purchase books and materials individually or to share with your partner or family. (Though we do think it’s wise to have a copy in your library, we won’t force you to purchase a manual.)

SSI offers flexibility of training and better value per course over the likes of PADI (in our opinion). Started in 1970, SSI is one of the oldest dive certification bodies around. Like SDI also offers multilingual online theory plus a strong emphasis on the benefits of training and experience. As in getting dives under your belt before moving to the next level, This is definitely another good option for your future dive career. 😉

PADI Instructor

The well known and probably most commercial face of the diving industry, they require individuals to own (purchase) copies of every book, for every course. And though we are NOT a PADI dive centre, we still currently have a PADI instructor available should the need arise.

Of course we can teach all of these systems. But because we are freemen of the sea who believe in quality and safety above the need to sell a book, we know which organisations we prefer.

So the power (of choice) is yours, we of the free thinking Sea Rovers say ‘your wish is our command’. As long as you are having fun!

Check out the new to Web Online Training for both SSI and SDI. Do your theory chilled at home then come to Bali for the wet bits.

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