Diving in Maluku

Sea Rovers adventures into unknown regions

Maluku Diving Adventures are about to begin again.

Previously, we ventured into the far reaches of the easterly islands, searching for new and exciting diving for those who wanted to brave remote dive sites and boldly go where very few had dived before. To see the vibrant splendour of reefs that few have yet seen.

And so here we are again, post apocalypse, raring to reacquaint ourselves with those distant shores. But be ye warned, these adventures be not for the faint-hearted, novice divers or 5-star hotel enthusiasts. This is more fur yer experienced old sea dogs and dogesses!

Because in the far reaches of the Indonesian spice islands, where the land is rich with tropical jungle and active volcanoes. In the briny depths that lie off those volcanic shores, much undersea treasures await.

Imagine it, an underwater volcano teeming with life, hot water springs mix with cooler seas, causing walls of thermoclines to sprout up in front of you. Deep drop-offs rarely dived, patrolled by reef sharks. Coral and more coral as far as the eye can see. Deep channels that bring the ranging pelagic. Wartime wrecks which used to be a flying through the air, dogfighting above in what are now tranquil skies. Black sandy bays, full of macro critters, contrast with white sand beach islands just offshore, and more that is yet to be discovered! 

Currently, we have no fixed plans on when our next Maluku adventures will begin, we only know they will. So watch this space for more news.

What we can say is that the locations will be different depending on the time of year. Again, dates have yet to be finalised, but will most likely be during the months of March and October.

Each adventure will be 14 days (7 days in 2 different locations) – with an option for extending for another week. It may also be possible to join for just one week.

  • The March adventure we hope to centre on Jailolo on the west coast of Halmahera, and Tobelo on the East coast of North Halmahera.
  • The August and October adventures will be based in Tobelo and Morotai island off the north-east coast of North Halmahera.

If you are interested, feel free to use the contact icon located on the left of the screen. Yes, that red one with the picture of an envelope on it.

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