Menjangan Island Underwater Clean Up

Sunday at West Bali National Park a team of 60 divers (Sea Rovers included) assembled to collect the plastic waste that had got stuck on the reefs around Menjangan island.

Apparently a whopping 128 kilograms of plastic waste was removed from around Menjangan Island in West Bali National Park over this weekend.

The divers came from West Bali National Park, East Java’s Alas Purwo National Park, the Perancak Marine Observation and Research Agency, plus divecentres around the Northwest Bali area, particularly Pemuteran bay.

Most the waste was food and drink plastic packaging. The rubbish was collected and transported off Menjangan Island by boat at the end of the day.

“Within an average week, the total amount of garbage transported out of Menjangan reaches approximately 300 kilograms which doesn’t even include the trash removed from the reef,” Tribun Bali.

“The total garbage collected from February to May 2017 reached three tons for Menjangan Island. The entire West Bali National Park area reached five tons,” West Bali National Park Manager Wiryawan told Tribun on Sunday.

Sad that much of the rubbish that tourist complain about also comes from the tourists doing the complaining. Sometimes directly and more often indirectly. Dispose of your waste wisely and use companies that do the same.

Here at Sea Rovers all our plastic bottles are collected for recycling, our lunchboxes are Tupperware style reusable and softdrinks come in glass bottles, which we own and just buy the refills for. A common practice here in Indonesia. As Pirates we wipe the with our t-shirts and drink from the bottles. No plastic straws for us!

So next time you’re at Menjangan Island and you see trash, do your bit. Pick it up and bring it back for proper disposal. Be part of the solution instead of mourning about it online.

Westward Bound & Warty Frogfish

The Westward Bound trip is not something we do often. Most guests want to go all the way to Menjangan Island. But thats a shame because these reefs have a lot to offer and some of the walls are equally as good as Menjangan Island but with less divers around. Actually none we we’re the only boat for miles 🙂

Unfortunately I only had the GoPro with me and the second dive the batteries were dead 🙁 However at the end of a 111 minute dive (yes thats right, we have long long dives here) 🙂 we found this little beauty and I managed to squeeze some juice out of the camera.

Video from dive one at will be a while in coming. But will get it together eventually.

Update for Menjangan Island fans

Taman National Bali Barat or TNBB will finally be implementing new “Activity fees” as of the 1st of February 2012. These fees represent a 350% increase on the original entry fee. (which stays in place).

Original Entry Fee: Tourist Price – 20,000Rps, Local Price – 2,500Rps (unchanged)

New additional costs (previously no charge)
Divers: Tourist Price – 75,000Rps, Local Price – 50,000Rps
Snorkelers: Tourist Price – 60,000Rps, Local Price – 40,000Rps

Other amusing additions
Using a Video Camera: Tourist Price – 150,000Rps, Local Price – 15,000Rps
Taking Photo’s: Tourist Price – 50,000Rps, Local Price – 5,000Rps

These are amongst the 36 new tickets for various activities professional and tourist, introduced to TNBB. (36 new ticket books printed on paper, just an environmental observation
As a business its going to be interesting, where before we had 2 ticket books, we now have to carry 10. We also now have new and additional  boat entrance/parking fees on top of our original costs.

Sea Rovers has always supported the TNBB and will continue to run trips into the national park, plus support those in the park who care about it. Having worked with the guys at the TNBB for many years I know that some feel the system was already flawed. According to the wardens, of the substantial revenue already generated by TNBB only a small amount (30%) returns to TNBB to cover operational costs the rest goes to Jakarta.

From our point of view we of course understand concepts like increased running costs, maintenance, inflation etc, and at the same time feel that a 350% increase in price is substantial and would like to think that it will lead to an improvement in facilities or conditions in the park such as removal of rubbish from the beaches around the park (there is no indication this will be the case). Many of the wardens in the national park feel that the new system is wrong and will have a detrimental effect for TNBB. Such a substantial increase will actually discourage people from going to the Park, especially tour operators.
And we will wait and see, it may lead to a better diving experience for those that choose to go, not that the Island is crowded by any means.

BTW Our suggestion  in consultation meetings was to increase the basic entry fee say to:- Tourist Price – 50,000Rps, Local Price – 25,000Rps, and not charge people for taking photo’s on holiday.

If you feel you would like to comment then please feel free to write to the National Park at

As for Sea Rovers guests, well most of you already knew that this was coming, if you followed the blog & facebook that is :-). Its been on the cards for a year now (though the figures were not known) and every email that went out with packages or info had this in it all last year

“*as of 1st January 2011 due to changes at the National Park (Menjangan Island), additional activity fees maybe required. These additional fees will be payable on-site and have yet to be finalized by TNBB.”

Well its finally happened, so if you wish to go to Menjangan Island after the 1st of February 2012 expect to pay an additional 95,000rps per diver and 80,000Rps per snorkeler.

Diana & Frank Photo’s, been more than a month but slacker that I am I finally got them posted. More photo’s can be found on there website at

Diana @ Menjangan Island

Jacks @ Close Encounters, Pemuteran

Photographing Jacks @ Close Encounters, Pemuteran

Damsels @ Menjangan Island

Turtle @ Menjangan Island

Razor fish and a cold Diana wearing a hood in 27C of water? 🙂
Menjangan Island

Great photo’s, especially the turtle shot. Check out many more on their website.

The Captain

Taman National Bali Barat – Menjangan Island NEWS FLASH-

Thank you Mr Google

for anyone wishing to dive or Snorkel Menjangan Island inside the Taman National Bali Barat.

The National park is introducing a delightful range of charges for you to pay.
These include;
Entry fees,
Activity fees,
Parking fees,
Camera and video charges (you may have to pay for the right to use your own camera)
and probably a charge for looking at the fish, by species of course. Bigger the fish the higher the fee.

Sea Rovers prices will not be changing but additional charges may be added on site. What these charges will equate to we are yet to be informed

Nobody disagrees with a reasonable entry fee, especially if the money is put to good use…. Problem is the new fees are niether reasonable or likely to be put to good use.

Currently petitions are in the making. Will keep you all informed.

The Captain

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