Anne’s Sea Rovers Crew

Thanks to Brethren Anne Green for sharing this fun photo of some of the misfits of Pemuteran. Pirates all.

The Sea Rovers

Sea Rovers 2011 Brethren

Captain, Commodore & Crew

The Magnificent Seven, Captain & Commodore

Left to right, Captain Paul, Abdul, Wayan, Botac, Ditta, Sahari, Budi, Made & Commodore Kerry

Finally the whole team comes together for a photo opportunity for the first time in a long while. Keep a weathered eye open on the about us for updated profiles and photo’s.

The Captain

Jon and Linda with the Irrepressible Sea Rovers Brethren

Jon & Linda Anderson just sent me these prints from their second sojourn with the motley brethren of the NW Bali coast.

Above Left>Right DM Made, Linda, Reception Wench Ditta and Nakhoda (Captain) Abdul

Working clockwise starting with top left Nakhoda Sahari, Trainee Putu, Linda & Jon, Nakhoda Botac, DM Made, Nakhoda Abdul, Helper Budi

Having fun and going diving, what more could you ask for.

The Captain

Fare thee well to Trainees

Commodore Kerry made it over for a few week in September and October, Just in time to say farewell to our trainees. Three months hard labour aboard the good divebase Sea Rovers, Pemuteran.

Commodore, Captain and Crew toast farewell to the trainees

Slainte Mhath fellow Brethren

Ditta presents Budi with his certificate

Reception Wench and Kommissaris Ditta Presents Mr Putu Epot Budi Arsana with his certificate

Captain Paul, Jolly well done Mr Putu

Yours truly, Captain Paul presenting Mr Putu Mangku with his Certificate.

Commodore Kerry, Splendid job Mr Kadek

And last but by no means least our Commodore Kerry presents Mr Kadek Karsana with his certificate

We wish them well and success in their future careers, whatever they may be and who knows, as we expand perhaps you’ll see one of these faces again as our next Captain or Divemaster.

Good Luck Lads

The Captain

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