The Pirate Crew keeps our rentals ship-shape

Dive crew servicing regulators

All the pirates be making the equipment ship-shape


Rental equipment being serviced

Abdul is teaching regulator repair


Toni servicing a rental regulator

Now how do I put this back together?


Keeping all of our rental regulators in top shape so you can just focus on diving and having a piratical good time.

Mr Edi, Torch Master

dive torch use

“Stay back! I have a dive torch and i’m not afraid use it!”

Got a love for night diving? So do we and we have one of the best night dives around in  ‘Mucky Pirates Bay’. Because its mucky, we’re Pirates and its a Bay 🙂 Its also one of our favourite critter hunting spots.

So grab a camera, charge your torches and come diving. There be critters to find.

Been a While

Though we have been posting in Facebook, Blogger and more recently Twitter, its been a while since I have been able to post here. Now that our new site is finally up and running, I hope to rectify that with regular posts and news of the Pirates who dive, Bali.

More to come

The Captain

Farewell to the trainees of 2012

Every year we take on work placement trainees for 3/4 months. This year was no different with a couple of canny lads who worked well, worked hard and became part of the Sea Rovers crew.

Mr Edy and Mr Rosi, we raise our tankards of Rum to you and wish you well for the future.

Sea Rovers Message in e-bottle The pirates who dive
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