New Nudibranch Identified

Bummer I can’t name the new nudibranch I found. Ashley at Nudibase has identified it as a sap-sucker – Lobiger souverbii – Fischer, 1856

Oh well keep looking.

The captain

The New & The Wonderous Nudi’s

Once again Pemuteran, Mucky Pirates Bay shows us its mini wonders one of which I have no idea what to call. Anybody have a clue what the funky green thing is?

3 inches of Naked Phil

This lil fella & his mates have been hanging around just off the beach in ‘Mucky Pirates Bay’ for the last couple months Have to give him a name. I Know lets call him Great Phyllodesmium ( Phyllodesmium magnum ) or Phil for short.

Hello Phil 😉

The Captain

Deep Sea Wonders

Diving Deep Reef has always been interesting and here are a couple of reasons why.

Colourful Mantis shrimp

Praying Mantis Shrimp

Do you know how difficult a shot like this is?

Shrimps in a Feather star

Yet another nudi

Nudi branch

And another Nudibranch

More nudibranch

Dive buddy silhouette

Buddy through a Gorgonian

The Captain
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