Bali’s first Underwater Villa’s

The Villa market in Bali is pretty full these days but no one considers our underwater friends. After talking to a marine biologist about how they tied together short lengths of plastic pipes to bring invertebrates in for study. We figured figured some small “Bis Beton” pipes would make nice habitats for our own critters here in “Mucky Pirates Bay”. So now we have 6 undersea view villa habitats spread out towards the jetty here in Pemuteran Bay. Unfurnished villas are available for rent, ideal for families, with all round salt water pool.

DM Wayan, Captain Budi and Trainee Edi – Villa Construction
Captain Sahari, Trainee Rozi, DW Mis, DM Made, DM Abdul – Material transport and general skivvying

Currently “Mucky Pirates Bay” is pipefish heaven, or lovers bay. Its the season and we’re seeing lots of ornate ghostpipefish and Robust ghostpipefish. Also DM Abdul with Anne and her mother have found Ambon Scorpionfish right off the beach here. Anne’s photos are coming soon once she shorts out her favourites.

Thanks Anne for lending me your spare camera so I could capture these pics.

The Sea Rovers

Sea Rovers 2011 Brethren

Captain, Commodore & Crew

The Magnificent Seven, Captain & Commodore

Left to right, Captain Paul, Abdul, Wayan, Botac, Ditta, Sahari, Budi, Made & Commodore Kerry

Finally the whole team comes together for a photo opportunity for the first time in a long while. Keep a weathered eye open on the about us for updated profiles and photo’s.

The Captain

Junior Eco Warriors off the the Port Bow

Recent visit by the Green School out of the landlocked Port of Ubud, ( turned out to be a good opportunity to put the Nasty Nemo through her paces. And she handled it all with easy and space to spare.

The Green School was up on a field trip to the Biorock Project. Where they learn how to electrify coral to good effect 😉 After a morning of learning and snorkeling the projects they took a break to explore a local reef (Close Encounters) where they got to see first hand what can happen when local businesses work with the village and fishing community to help protect the local marine environment in a sustainable way.

Greeny brethren aboard the Nasty Nemo

The Next day they head out again this time to visit the Solar Powered Biorock offshore structures. The Biowreck and BioBoomer. The later named in honour of the once long time resident of the of the Turtle Project, run by my old mate Chris Brown just down the beach from us. Another longtime resident and local Eco warrior.

Where's me gloves?

Then its prepare for the beach and Mucky Pirates Bay clean up.

Avast matey, there be plastic.

DiveMaster Made and Captain Sahari lend a helping hand.

Where's the designated bag carrier?

Despite the lousy visibility everyone heads out with a modicum of enthusiasm on their perilous mission to rid our bay of marauding plastic.

Collect it all and let nothing back into the sea.

A Junior Eco Wench is Joined by Captain Botac scouring the Bay for hidden enemies amongst the fishing boats.

Mmmm... Pedas!

After a hard morning of snorkeling, diving and rescuing our beloved and now not so Mucky Pirates Bay. The lads and lasses of the Green School sit down to enjoy a well earned Nasi Bungkus.

And thus their day ends with a swift voyage home and memories of noble deeds and plastic vanquished on the shores of Pemuteran.

Garr! Guys n we be hopin’ ta seeing ye all again.

The Captain

Jon and Linda with the Irrepressible Sea Rovers Brethren

Jon & Linda Anderson just sent me these prints from their second sojourn with the motley brethren of the NW Bali coast.

Above Left>Right DM Made, Linda, Reception Wench Ditta and Nakhoda (Captain) Abdul

Working clockwise starting with top left Nakhoda Sahari, Trainee Putu, Linda & Jon, Nakhoda Botac, DM Made, Nakhoda Abdul, Helper Budi

Having fun and going diving, what more could you ask for.

The Captain

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