Another day another ceremony, must be Bali

Om’ Swastiastu

Bali being the Island of the Gods, demands lots of ceremonies that run in a eternal cycle. Just as in life what goes around, comes around and once again we find ourselves with ‘Tumpek Landep’. A day for blessing all things metal and mecahnical. Which of course is just about everything in the Sea Rovers dive centre.

So here is us, the piratical brethren, a motley assortment of Christian, Hindu and Muslim, all dressed in our temple best and ready to bless.

Captain Paul & Son, Pemuteran, NW Bali, Sea Rovers Dive Centre

Captain Paul & Son, Jr Captain Rhade

Captain Paul & his Piratical crew pray for working equipment, Pemuteran, NW Bali, Sea Rovers Dive Centre

Bless our equipment so it don’t fail….

dive boat Cynical Seahorse receives a good blessing , Pemuteran, NW Bali, Sea Rovers Dive Centre

Captain Botac (Wayan Sudiarta) Blesses his vessel the ‘Cynical Seahorse’

The Rusty Bucket also receives a good blessing , Pemuteran, NW Bali, Sea Rovers Dive Centre

And now blesses my vehicle, fondly known as the ‘Rusty Bucket’

Captain Abdul, Pemuteran, NW Bali, Sea Rovers Dive Centre

Captain Abdul, doing his friendly hawker impression. “You want diving? Good price. Morning price. Special just for you.” A cry fortunately much absent from the beaches of Pemuteran, Thank the Gods.

So, not only is our equipment regularly serviced and in tip top condition. Its is also thoroughly blessed.

Om Canti Canti Om
The Captain

Underwater Temples makes it difficult to light incense

Om Swasti Astu, as we say here in Bali.

Back when the world was younger, the ancient Sea Gods of Bali decreed that a temple should be erected in their honour at 30mtr depth (yes, even the Gods went metric). An thus it was Temple Garden was made for them all to play in.

Lighting incense is a bit of a bugger though so bring a torch instead.

Beware all who enter
Lost city of Pemuteran?

diver gate
Ancient pose for happy divers….

Check out Ganesha, watch your depth
Diver checks watch to see what century she’s in.

sponge bud square block
ZOMBIE BUDDA!… Swim away, swim away…..

Deeply Deco Spirits.

Turtle, heads
Petrified sweetlipped turtle.

Tranquility of the dive
And finally a communion of spirits.

The facts:

Sank in 2005 as part of the still ongoing Reef Gardeners project. This little dive has become an interesting change from the reefs of Pemuteran. The often hazy vis creates a wonderfully spooky atmosphere.

Home to nudis and Electric clams, Temple Wall (or Pura Tembok) above also offers a lot of , well stuff to look at.

Personally I prefer the ancient gods story 😉

Om Santi Santi Om.
The Captain

Gods bless this Venture

Abdul & Wayan blessing the Vicious Guppy
The Captain enjoys a good blessing
Office temple
The less than Holy Captain and Crew. Garr! :-)
Sea Rovers first ceremony, Bali being the island of the gods requires many ceremonies for many things. There is a good day to be born, a good day to marry and a good day to be dead (some might say there is never a good day to be dead). The 12th of December was a full moon and hence a good day for us to install our own little offering box to the Hindu gods of Bali. But also to cleanse ourselves and our equipment of any evil spirits that inhabit. (Not The RUM!!! Aaaargh… The Captain).

Thus cleansed and purified we are better prepared for the year to come.

The Captain

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