Cynical Seahorse in port for some TLC

Cynical Seahorse up for some TLC. Lick of paint, some touch up and a couple of modifications. Two weeks and she’ll be better than new and ready for more.

Balinese ceremonies for Piratically orientated speedboats

Once every 6 months on the Balinese calendar we have to bless all our metal and machines.

We pray to the Gods they don’t fail us at inopportune moments.

We pray for calm seas and the wind at our backs.

For a bounty of tourist gold cards in the high season so when the low season comes we know we are secure from deprivation 🙂

Dear Gods bless this fleet and all who sail in them.

Erin & Chris Advanced Divers (now)

Erin & Chris were just here doing a little PADI Advanced diving. Deep dive, Navigation dive, Night dive and these photo’s show their Photography and Fish ID skills

Erin, slate in hand, pencil at the ready.

Oooo. Look greeny fish

Biowreck looking like a thriving little eco system.

This is your Captain speaking. I’m hovering at the moment, so please leave a message after the bubble. Bloop.
Guys you could have chosen a better back drop.

Thats better. Peace wench!

Erin heading out on the Cynical Seahorse on a quest for fishy adventure with Sea Rovers Brethren

Chris, the same with the Vicous Guppy and Nasty Nemo at anchor in front of Sea Rovers office behind him.

Whoohoo! I’m an Advanced diver!
Congratulations guys, you did well.
The Captain

Estonia meets The Pirates Who Dive

Kairi Raudsepp, new to diving having completed her intro dive here with yours truly and now a new member of the Facebook Piratical Brethren site. Kairi send over a few memories of her time here with Sea Rovers.

Kairi & DM Wayan, in front of Sea Rovers

Kairi and SDI Divemaster Wayan Subratha

Capt Paul & Reception Wench Ditta

At your service, Captain Paul M Turley and the infectiously smiling Reception Wench Ditta

Kairi & DM Wayan, lounge at the gunwale enjoying the surface interval at Menjangan Island

Kairi & DM Wayan enjoying a surface interval at Menjangan Island


Captain Botak, trying to cop some zzzz…… Scurvy dog! I’ll have him flogged.

The crazy adventures of wacky DM Wayan and Captain Abdul

DM Wayan and Captain Abdul (also trainee guide) having way too much fun when they should be working.

Kairi also has the distinction of being our first ever guest from Estonia. We wish her all the best as she has already signed up for her Open Water Course back home. Brrrr…… And we look forward to taking her diving again soon.

The Captain

New Boat Hits the Water

Yes its official. After months of work and waiting the ‘Cynical Seahorse’ hits the high seas.

Like her sister ship the ‘Vicious Guppy’ she’s small and neat. Fitting in with our Sea Rovers philosophy of small groups, personal service plus fun. More open plan than her sister and sporting twin Evinrude etec 40hp she’ll run 30knots with a light load. Not bad for getting you back to that afternoon massage after a lazy days diving.

The before picture; a decommissioned parasailing boat from the South of Bali in need of some TLC and remodeling

Below heading out with fellow pirate brethren Gwen & John for yet another Pemuteran dive.

And yet another days diving…. etc etc

And that be Divemaster Wayan in the foreground. Garr!

The Captain

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