Balinese ceremonies for Piratically orientated speedboats

Once every 6 months on the Balinese calendar we have to bless all our metal and machines.

We pray to the Gods they don’t fail us at inopportune moments.

We pray for calm seas and the wind at our backs.

For a bounty of tourist gold cards in the high season so when the low season comes we know we are secure from deprivation 🙂

Dear Gods bless this fleet and all who sail in them.

Dear Gods bless this vessel

A bigger boat requires a load of offerings to bless her. So before we can take guests out we have to make sure she isn’t cursed. So a jolly good blessing is in order.

Calm seas and the Nasty Nemo waiting to be blessed

Tranquil seas and calm blessings

Ok where do I tie this thing?

As the Captain, crew and priestess start the ceremony

Captain Paul M Turley, eyeing the fruit and remembering I haven't had breakfast

MMMmmmm…. When can we eat the offerings?

Oops! is that supposed to come off?

Tie that to the machine dear theres a good Captain.

And thus our ceremony ends

Om Shanti Shanti Om.

And there you have it, all blessed for now till the next good day for blessing boats comes round.

The Captain

Gods bless this Venture

Abdul & Wayan blessing the Vicious Guppy
The Captain enjoys a good blessing
Office temple
The less than Holy Captain and Crew. Garr! :-)
Sea Rovers first ceremony, Bali being the island of the gods requires many ceremonies for many things. There is a good day to be born, a good day to marry and a good day to be dead (some might say there is never a good day to be dead). The 12th of December was a full moon and hence a good day for us to install our own little offering box to the Hindu gods of Bali. But also to cleanse ourselves and our equipment of any evil spirits that inhabit. (Not The RUM!!! Aaaargh… The Captain).

Thus cleansed and purified we are better prepared for the year to come.

The Captain

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