Sea Rovers Bali, SSI Dive Centre No 741067

Welcome aboard Matey

SSI & Sea Rovers have an Accord

John Shepherd, regional head for SSI Indonesia gets into the Sea Rovers spirit as both Honourary Captain John & the infamous Captain Paul strike an Accord.

Sea Rovers now proudly flies the SSI banner along side our very own Jolly Roger.


Sea Rovers 2011 Brethren

Captain, Commodore & Crew

The Magnificent Seven, Captain & Commodore

Left to right, Captain Paul, Abdul, Wayan, Botac, Ditta, Sahari, Budi, Made & Commodore Kerry

Finally the whole team comes together for a photo opportunity for the first time in a long while. Keep a weathered eye open on the about us for updated profiles and photo’s.

The Captain

Nicola Symberlist, Fish-eyed wonders

Been a while since Nicola and her family were here and I have to say that I have been a bad, bad Pirate. I completely forgot to post these fish-eyed wonders.

Can you ever forgive me Nicola? I shall go fall off a boat right now as punishment for my crimes 🙂
Majestic he glides along unflustered by everyday woes :-)
Captain Me drifting along the wall at Menjangan Island
Ok, one of these buttons must do what I want....
Captain Paul again obviously trying to figure out the settings on me camera
Aha! Got it!
Ok figured it out. Lets get a nice wide angle of the wall.
Look a Coral Bommie!
One of our Favourite sites these days, The Coral Bommie, with the Biowreck and Bioboomer structures next to it. Diving here helps to support the Reef Gardeners.
Heads down, fins up lets not damage the coral.
Top of the Coral Bommie, tons of colour, teaming with life. What more do you want from a dive?
Thanks Nicola for all the pretty pictures.
The Captain

Dear Gods bless this vessel

A bigger boat requires a load of offerings to bless her. So before we can take guests out we have to make sure she isn’t cursed. So a jolly good blessing is in order.

Calm seas and the Nasty Nemo waiting to be blessed

Tranquil seas and calm blessings

Ok where do I tie this thing?

As the Captain, crew and priestess start the ceremony

Captain Paul M Turley, eyeing the fruit and remembering I haven't had breakfast

MMMmmmm…. When can we eat the offerings?

Oops! is that supposed to come off?

Tie that to the machine dear theres a good Captain.

And thus our ceremony ends

Om Shanti Shanti Om.

And there you have it, all blessed for now till the next good day for blessing boats comes round.

The Captain

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