Dolphin Rescue in Pemuteran Bay

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Pemuteran fishermen cat two dolphins that accidentally swim into their nets while chasing fish. And though one died the other after much discussion and a bit of ear bending from the fishermens wife, Sea Rovers crew, other fishermen and the hotel staff. The other one is released into the bay to hopefully find its way home.

A happy ending for at least one of the pair. Lets flipper can find its way home.







20 Years Diving

Captains First Cert

Still wet behind the ears. Literally.

I just realized today that I have been diving for 20 years this month….

I’d like to say thanks to Ernest Lewandowski and Kathleen Mitchinson who showed me the ways of the SCUBA as a young Padawan. Which lead me to where I am today. A beach in Bali 🙂

Thanks Guys, I hope you’re happy wherever you are and may the SCUBA be with you always.

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