Richard Rigby’s Really Good, mainly Menjangan Island,Photos

Captain Slackbeard strikes again.

Another group of photo’s that have been here a little while (though not as long as Nicola’s. Cough!). Are those of Mr. Richard Rigby of the British International School in Jakarta.
I do have an excuse though. I run a dive centre and have to work (occasionally). Which tends to strain me brain and make me forgetful of things like sorting out and Photoshopping the hundreds of photos the Brethren leave with me.
I digress.
Anemone with crab and tiny fishy
Nice one this of a porcelain crab and a tiny, tiny anemone fish. If you know how big porcelain crabs are you’ll have an idea of the size of the fish.
This time a normal Nemo as opposed to Nasty Nemo
NEMO! on the wall at Menjangan Island by the look of it.
Catfish, catfish and more catfish
Secret Bay catfish all in a row.
Feathered crab on the menu tonight
Crab in a feather star, no idea what its doing.
A HUGE pink frogfish
Ex-resident giant frogfish.
He spent a good few weeks on the stern mooring block for the Vicious Guppy before moving on.
Just hanging out
The Caves at Menjangan Islands South side.
Spot the anchor
Anchor Wreck at Menjangan Island.
Can you spot the Anchor yet?
Well can you?
Oh, for crying out loud, get your eyes checked. Its that big thing in the middle of the picture.
Never trust the smile of a crocodile(fish)
Eye eye Captain.

Brethren Harrie Wassen Photos

More photo’s from the brethren. This time from Harrie & Reit Wassen who were here over November.

Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Pemuteran, Bali

This nicely illuminated Ornate Ghost Pipefish enjoying the night dive.

Deeper into the blue on Anchor Wreck, Menjangan Island, Bali

Whats left at Anchor wreck, Menjangan Island.

Octopus hidden amongst the coral, Pemuteran Bali

A very colourful scene of coral and somewhere in there is an octopus.

Cleaner shrimp, Pemuteran, Bali

Transparent Cleanie shrimp on an anemone.

Octopus resting in Mucky Pirates Bay, Pemuteran, Bali

Really nice picture of an Octopus taking a respite next to a plastic bag in Mucky Pirates Bay.

Thanks for the photo’s Harrie

The Captain
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