The Povey family’s first day with the Pirates

The Povey’s arrived in Pemuteran ready for a range of experiences–snorkeling, Discover Scuba diving, scuba diving refresher and an advanced dive to 30 meters at the renowned site Temple Garden. The Pirates at Sea Rovers can do it all. The guys on the boat were heading out for diving and snorkeling; the guys on the beach at Mucky Pirates Bay were doing Discover scuba and a refresher dive. Their next adventure will be to charter a boat for a personalized trip to Menjangan. Enjoy!



Welcome Returning Brethren Uwe, Claudia & Amelia

The pirates at Sea Rovers welcomed returning brethren Uwe, Claudia and Amelia from Germany today. They decided to get their fins wet with a refresher dive at Mucky Pirates Bay. Captain Paul and Abdul accompanied them, running through a few skills, then leisurely cruising the site for weird & wonderful sea life.

A refresher is always a great idea at the beginning of your dive holiday. It gives you the chance to make sure all your gear is functioning properly, get your weighting right and fine tune your buoyancy.

Jasmin–New Brethren Refreshed & Rarin’ to Dive

Diving Menjangan

Refreshed & Rarin’ to Dive

Jasmin lives in Germany now, but spent many years in Jakarta. She got certified in 1995, but like many of us, lacked the time and/or money to keep diving. Now that she has both, she came to Sea Rovers and did a refresher dive with Captain Paul, followed by some dives in Pemuteran Bay and Menjangan with Edy. She said on her last day at Menjangan that she finally felt relaxed and was able to totally enjoy the beautiful wall dives. Come back to us soon, Jasmin, so you can experience that amazing feeling for your entire holiday.

Nick & Alicia–Refreshed Brethren

Smiling because we can clear our masks

Still wet after refresher dive

Nick & Alicia from Oregon hadn’t been diving in quite a while, so they did a relaxed refresher dive in Pemuteran Bay with Wayan–don’t they look relaxed and refreshed?! Remember, it’s always a good idea to do a refresher to brush up on important skills if you’ve been out of the water for a significant period of time, or any time you don’t feel completely confident. Welcome to the Brethren guys–hope to see you back here soon!

Sea Rovers Message in e-bottle The pirates who dive
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