Sarah & Clement Enjoy Menjangan

Sarah & Clement came to Pemuteran to try diving, so Captain Paul taught them the basics–a little theory and some in-water practice. After doing a Try Dive with Sea Rovers, you can dive with an instructor/DM for up to 14 days to a maximum depth of 12 meters. They went out on one of our regular trips to Menjangan today under the watchful eye of Abdul. From the photo, it looks like they’re having a fantastic time.

dive boat, Sea Rovers guests

2 boats heading out for diving & snorkeling adventures



Menjangan, Sea Rovers guests, Bali, Indonesia

Sarah & Clement along the wall at Menjangan



Everyone loves Nemo

Always a crowd-pleaser, everyone loves Nemo. Anemonefish is the more accurate name for these guys–although most folks just call them clownfish. There are more than 30 different species of anemonefish.

All of these photos were shot in Menjangan. Let the expert guides of Sea Rovers find some for you so you can delight your non-diving friends with your pics.

False clownfish, anemone, Pemuteran, Bali, Indonesia, Underwater Photos

False clownfish


Pink anemonefish, anemone, Menjangan, Bali, Indonesia

A pair of pink anemone fish in their purple-tipped anemone


Orange anemonefish, Mangrove, Menjangan, Bali, Indonesia, underwater photo

Orange anemonefish


False clownfish, Box Reef, Menjangan, Bali, Indonesia, Underwater photo

False clownfish pair


A Glorious Day at Menjangan

Hawksbill turtle, Eel Garden, Menjangan, Bali, Indonesia

A Hawksbill turtle resting in the sand at Eel Garden

It was a glorious day at Menjangan for both snorkelers and divers. Emma from London, who was completing her Advanced Open Water course, said these were her best two dives ever.

While taking in the dramatic walls at Eel Garden and Underwater Cave, we saw both bigger critters (giant frogfish, eels and some even saw a shark), and Abdul was busy pointing out tiny creatures like orangutan crabs and pygmy seahorses.

An amazing day was had by all. Come to NW Bali and join the pirates at Sea Rovers for your own ocean adventure!

giant frogfish, Eel Garden, Menjangan, Bali, Indonesia

2 of the 3 frogfish that were sitting on a big sponge


Zebra eel, Underwater Cave, Menjangan, Bali, Indonesia

A shy zebra eel on the wall at Underwater Cave


Divers, Underwater Cave, Menjangan, Bali, Indonesia

Dive guide Abdul showing Emma a tiny orangutan crab


Snorkeler, Underwater Caves, Menjangan, Bali, Indonesia

One of our snorkeling guests enjoying the reef




Menjangan Memories 30May17

Box Reef, Menjangan, Bali, Indonesia, wall dive

First shot of the dive–(decent composition, good exposure) sometimes I surprise myself

Dive guide Edy was tasked today with finding interesting subjects for 2 underwater photographers (Dave from London, and the photo wench) at Menjangan. Our first dive was at Box Reef, and the current was strong–both Dave & I tucked in our cameras and drifted along. Eventually, the current lessened and strobes started firing. I took the opportunity to frame both of them against the lovely wall for a couple of portrait shots.

Box Reef, Menjangan, Bali, Indonesia, wall dive

Here’s Edy working on his modeling skills.


Box Reef, Menjangan, Bali, Indonesia, wall dive

Here’s brethren Dave posing for the camera


After a surface interval including drinks and lunch, our second dive was at Mangrove. This was a much more relaxed dive with little current, great visibility and lots to see. I spent much of the dive trying to get a shot of a lone bumphead parrotfish who would have nothing to do with me–camera-shy I guess. So, after fighting with a subject that’s so uncooperative, it’s always nice to find a lovely anemone filled with false clownfish–always a crowd-pleaser and a great way to end a 73-minute dive.

Mangrove, Menjangan, Bali, Indonesia, anemone, false clownfish

There was lots of activity at this purple anemone.



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