There’s a good moon on the rise

I see a good moon a rising
I see a night dive underway
I see divers checking torches
I see a flat calm tranquil bay

So lets go down tonight
There’s bound to be some sights
Down in Mucky Pirates Bay

I hear bubbles as they’re rising
I know the dive won’t be ending soon
I fear someones kicking sand up
I can see flashes burn like day

So lets go down tonight
There’s bound to be some sights
Down in Mucky Pirates Bay

I hope you got all your things together
I hope we dive another day
Looks like we’re in for more good weather
Looking through the cameras eye today

Oh lets go down tonight
There’s bound to be some sights
There’s a good moon on the rise
There’s a good moon on the rise

New Camera, New Macro Lens, New Critter Pics

New camera at Sea Rovers means new pics and some new critters (especially like the Ambon Scorpionfish, which needs to be renamed the Pemuteran Scorpionfish).

Thanks to the SubSea macro lens I can get closer to me little friends. Look for more on Facebook where you can find out what the Brethren are up to.

Old friends, New Friends and Family

A couple of months ago I posted up my original PADI Open Water Diver certification, on which was written ‘Instructor OWSI – 51404 Lewandowski’.

It had been six years since we had last had contact, this was BSR (Before Sea Rovers). Lot of water under the bridge and changes in both our lives, biggest and best being we’re both fathers now 😀 But like most good friends we found ourselves picking up the friendship exactly where we left off with ease.

So this is the man to blame for setting me on the course that lead to Sea Rovers and though I have become a Master of the ‘SCUBA’ in my own right (a force that I only use for good I might add) 🙂 I still remember all that he taught me.

Thanks again Ernest for teaching me the ways of the ‘SCUBA’ and lets not leave such a big gap between conversations this time.

Farewell to the trainees of 2012

Every year we take on work placement trainees for 3/4 months. This year was no different with a couple of canny lads who worked well, worked hard and became part of the Sea Rovers crew.

Mr Edy and Mr Rosi, we raise our tankards of Rum to you and wish you well for the future.

Sea Rovers Message in e-bottle The pirates who dive

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