Guide for the Metrically Impaired – Tank Pressure

3 types of pressure gauges

Both systems in one plus color coding–I like it


Today’s topic in our series ‘Guide for the Metrically Impaired’ is tank pressure. Those of us familiar with the Imperial system measure tank pressure in psi while the rest of the world uses bar.  So if the divemaster says that you need to turn around and head back to the boat when you have 125 bar, or you need to be back on the boat with 50 bar, how do you comply if your gauge is in psi? Most importantly, listen to the dive briefing and pay attention to the guidelines and hand signals. Here are some handy conversions:

Full tank                                                               3000-3200psi                     200-250 bar

Turn-around point or start

ascending to a shallower depth                      1000-1250 psi                     100-125 bar

Safety stop / low on Air                                     750 psi                                 50 bar

Low on air / Very low on air                             500 psi                                 30 bar


Guide for the Metrically Impaired – Depth

Yes, fellow Americans…this means you. If you have never been diving outside the US or the Caribbean, you might be really confused by your dive briefing–“The sandy bottom is at 25 meters. The water temperature is around 21 degrees. How many kilos do you need? When you get to 80 bar, ascend to your safety stop at 5 meters for 3-5 minutes.” Or, the divemaster points to his gauge asking how much air you have left and you indicate 1 (for 1000psi), and all you get back is a confused (or maybe panicked) look.

Today’s quick guide – Depth

Depth gauge in feet

You are used to this.

Depth gauge in meters

Your rental says this


What you need to know

3 metres=10 feet         Use for Safety Stop

5 metres=15 feet         Use for Safety Stop

18 metres = 60 feet     Open Water depth Limit

30 metres = 100 feet   Advanced Open Water depth Limit

40 metres = 130 feet   Recreational Diving depth limit

Next time– Aren’t bars the places to get beer?




Menjangan Snorkeling Wenches

All smiles before Menjangan adventure

Lovely wenches Michaela, Stephanie and Veronika with their snorkeling guide Talif


Not quite a limo for the transfer to the boat

On their way to catch the boat at Mucky Pirate Bay in a diver’s ‘limo’

The seas have calmed down and these lovely ladies got to experience snorkeling at Menjangan today with Talif and Wayan.



Bali’s first Underwater Villa’s

The Villa market in Bali is pretty full these days but no one considers our underwater friends. After talking to a marine biologist about how they tied together short lengths of plastic pipes to bring invertebrates in for study. We figured figured some small “Bis Beton” pipes would make nice habitats for our own critters here in “Mucky Pirates Bay”. So now we have 6 undersea view villa habitats spread out towards the jetty here in Pemuteran Bay. Unfurnished villas are available for rent, ideal for families, with all round salt water pool.

DM Wayan, Captain Budi and Trainee Edi – Villa Construction
Captain Sahari, Trainee Rozi, DW Mis, DM Made, DM Abdul – Material transport and general skivvying

Currently “Mucky Pirates Bay” is pipefish heaven, or lovers bay. Its the season and we’re seeing lots of ornate ghostpipefish and Robust ghostpipefish. Also DM Abdul with Anne and her mother have found Ambon Scorpionfish right off the beach here. Anne’s photos are coming soon once she shorts out her favourites.

Thanks Anne for lending me your spare camera so I could capture these pics.

A new guiding light for lost Pirate Divers

Our old sign was looking just a tad faded so it was time for someting new.

A beacon of Piratical hope for the brethren of the North West Bali coast. Bring our pirate divers safely home.

Looks good too 🙂

Sea Rovers Message in e-bottle The pirates who dive
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