Monika & Bernhard’s Piccies

Once again the dread Captain Slackbeard strikes as I catch up with the Brethrens photo’s.

Night diving ‘Mucky Pirates Bay’ this time.

Carefully does it lads thats a hoard of razorfish. One false move and there’ll have ya all mincemeat like in a flash.

Oh No, they spotted us! Swim away, swim away…AAAAAaaaaaggh!

Have they gone?
And here is another frogfish. A face only a mother could love.
A full winged lionfish giving us the classic fish tail shot. Pretty wings though.

And finally a really nice Nudibranch.
And thus endeth another nice lot of images from the brethren.
The Captain

Teeny Weeny Razorfish

Once again Mucky Pirates Bay provides…..

This tiny robust ghost pipefish must be less than 2.5cm.

Sorry the photo isn’t in focus on the pipefish, but the bugger was so small and wouldn’t stay still long enough for the camera to focus.

The Captain

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