Pipefish & Camoflaged Crabs

Ode to pipefish by the Captain

Of Muck & Pirates in the Bay be found
Ghostpipefish by the bushel abound
Ornate, Robust swim around with glee
All await a photograph from Me

Garr ! 😉

Some of the decorator crabs in Mucky Pirates Bay are getting the art of camouflage down pat. And a teeny weeny blue suckered octopus make a house in a piece of discarded pipe.

More Secrets From Secret Bay

Another day of cold water (25C brrr..) and mucky vis in Secret Bay with dive buddy Kimmy More. No Frogfish this time but I did get a classic sea snake picture as it headed for the surface to get a breathe of fresh air. Mmm maybe I should wash my wetsuit 🙂

Sea Snake, Secret Bay, Gilimanuk NW Bali Cardinal fish, Secret Bay, Gilimanuk NW Bali Seawasp, Secret Bay, Gilimanuk NW BaliSeahorse, Secret Bay, Gilimanuk NW BaliSeaslug, Secret Bay, Gilimanuk NW Bali

All in all two very long and one very lost (due to lousy vis, honest:-)dives. With plenty of stuff to be seen.

The Captain
Paul M Turley

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