Singapore brethren hoist the flag in Maldives

Captured by the Singapore Brethren

Captured off the Maldives

Adventures on the high seas as FirstMate Leigh and his lovely Bosun Louise secretly capture the MV Orion off the Maldives. So secretly did they capture it that neither the crew or the owners ever found out it was captured and are still under the impression that they own it. Little do they know that it is now part of an ever expanding Sea Rovers fleet. HaHarr!

And what about you other slackers. Yes you who left carrying the Sea Rovers flag, where be your conquest photos to display. Come on, have at it me hearties! Lets see those flags flying across the seven seas. Send us you pictures to display with pride.

The Captain

The Sea Rovers Brethren take Mauritius

Hope the Governor wasn’t too up set when Boson Leigh and First Wench Louise captured Mauritius in Sea Rovers name. Hear to tell that no blood was spilled but much Rum was quaffed, which is a very messy way of drinking at the best of times.

Mauritius Captured

Mauritius Captured by the Sea Rovers Brethren

Well done Mateys. Garrrr!!!

Hoisting the colours

Jos sporting his Pirate patch dive accessory.

And an e-courier arrived bring news from Sipidan:

Gaaaar cap’n

Fine pickings down ‘ere in Sipidan, there be….gar..

We’s a taken a might fancy oil-riggy thingy fer yous fleet of free rovers….the flag be hoisted and the rebellious curs now with Davy Jones…hur-hur-hur…

We’s a thinking about naming her ‘The Oily Octopus’….gaar….what sez ye, cap’n ?

First mate Leigh
Bos’n mate Louise
& Midship’n Nick

Nicely done Lads and Lass, give em bubbles and consequences be damned! HaHarrr!

Sea Rovers Message in e-bottle The pirates who dive
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