Katyiza from Peru joins the Brethren

Wayan sharing some buoyancy control tips with Katyiza

Katyiza getting tips on buoyancy control from instructor Wayan

Katyiza, a new member of the Brethren, is spending time in Bali on a 4-month sabbatical from her job. She doesn’t yet have a lot of dives under her belt, but she’s getting better each time under the watchful eye of Wayan. Today the focus was on buoyancy control–the small adjustments that make a big difference. Tomorrow she’s heading to Menjangan for her first true wall dive experience. Enjoy!

Brethren wettin’ their whistles

Surface interval hydration

Britta & Frank from Germany enjoying Pemuteran reefs

The conditions were perfect in Pemuteran Bay for diving and snorkeling–the surface was like glass and you could see right to the bottom from the deck of the boat. Britta is gaining more experience diving and fine-tuning her buoyancy control with Wayan’s expert guidance while Frank watches from the surface. Their next adventure will be in Menjangan.

Photos sent by brethren Gordon & Barbara

Gordon & Barbara spent nearly 3 weeks in Pemuteran and kindly forwarded us some photos of their holiday. Bill and Ann were along some of the days so not sure who shot what.

Flat seas on Pemuteran Bay

Beautiful flat seas


Another beautiful day in Pemuteran

A pair of local boats floating in Pemuteran Bay


The captain says it's OK to go diving

The captain says everything is A-OK


Relaxing on the flat seas

Enjoying the view from our comfortable boat


Wayan waiting for the next dive

Wayan sitting on one of the local boats in Pemuteran Bay


A turtle entertains our divers & guide

It’s turtle time in NW Bali

Saying goodbye to brethren Dave

Surface interval smiles in Pemuteran Bay

Dave be chillin before his last dive of the trip

UK Dave and the resident photo wench had a great pair of dives today in Pemuteran Bay. Abdul showed us tons of critters (several octopi, 2 crocodile fish, mantis shrimp, a pair of aggressive trigger fish, and more nudibranchs than we could count). It was a fittin last day of divin for a 4-time repeat customer. Don’t wait too long before making your way back to beautiful NW Bali.

Farewell to our brethren Stefan (and Bianca)

Stefan & Wayan ready to go diving at Close Encounters

Stefan & Wayan be divin

Sadly today was the last day of diving for our returning brethren Stefan. His lovely wife Bianca stayed ashore this trip as she is “with pirate” (congrats you guys). Stefan & his trusty camera had the local boat basically to himself most days, except when the retired resident photo wench was able to tag along. Hope you got some great shots this trip–be sure to email them for us to post on the website.

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