November in Brief

Another month closes and the rains have finally arrived. Though an hour in the afternoon or evenings hardly constitutes a monsoon, it does make a pleasant change. The mountains behind us are starting to green again and the diving just gets better.

November has always been one of the better months for diving around Pemuteran and northwest Bali. Bringing with it more nutrient rich water to spur on the breeding season. More juveniles around would make for interesting photos but unfortunately your Captain is coming to the end of a nasty sinus infection and hasn’t been diving much of late. Now that I can dive me camera be in Australia for an in-laws wedding which me wench is attending. Garr! Most frustrating when I test me sinus’s in Mucky Pirates Bay and find the most beauteous juvenile batfish only 3mtrs from shore as I enter the water. Mottled brown she was, drifting like a leaf across the sand.

BUGGER! Where’s a photographer when you need one.

Vis was down on occasion but still good enough that everyone was happy and saw plenty. Sea conditions have been flat and calm often like a mill pond in the mornings.

Generally just another great months diving in North west bali.

The Captain

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