Fun Fact – Nudibranchs are hermaphrodites

They have the reproductive organs of both sexes. They can mate with any other adult that happens to pass by—doubles their chances of ‘getting lucky.’ The male and female sexual openings are on the right sides of their bodies.

Nudis necking

Can I buy you a drink?


4 Nudibranchs mating

A group of Mexichromis hooking up

Another couple seconds of fame

I honestly thought my 15 seconds of fame was up after the Underwater Temple Garden debacle. Now our very own Pemuteran and Menjangan Island  are winging there way across the world. Well at least a very nice article with mention of us and a quote from yours truly (see below). Is now, even as I type winging its way to exotic locales as yet unexplored by most of us.

“Even seasoned divers are often impressed by a dip into the shallow waters by the beach, says Paul Turley, owner of the Sea Rovers dive centre. “They emerge from the sea beaming from ear to ear, having just photographed a whole host of animals they’d previously seen only on National Geographic TV,”  he says.”

You can read the full article by travel writer and fellow Brethren Simon Pridmore through the links below:



Death of a Smugglers Wreck

Broken up and recycled.

Treasures come in all shapes and sizes

Weeks ago I posted a story about a smugglers vessel that ran aground on a reef off Pemuteran.

Well big swell and rains have done there work and bits of that once fine vessel are drifting around the coast. Or in the case of many larger pieces, being recycled by enterprising fishermen.

Sea Rovers Message in e-bottle The pirates who dive
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