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Whats on offer?

Pemuteran Bay, our local reefs are but a short boat ride away.

The shore side beach attractions are all easily accessible. Just down the beach you’ll find the Pemuteran Biorock™. Sixty plus metal structures which run off a mild electrical current to create an artificial reef. Existing corals attached to these frames and around them are stimulated to grow faster.

Towards the centre of the bay is a more natural reef formation with entry points clearly marked for snorkelers. This is to encourage people to not walk all over the corals, which is bad for the reef and your feet. This is also and interesting dive site.

To the east end of the bay, beneath the jetty you see our little critters haven ‘Mucky Pirates Bay’. Why is it called that you ask. Well its mucky, we’re pirates and its a bay.

By boat to the many local reefs, whether you want a single, double or triple boat dives, Pemuteran Bay offers a short 5mins trip to a wide range of adventure.

For the even more adventurous you can step into the Night.

A stroll in the dark Night Dive, here there be night critters. Or take the night ferry head out to the open sea and dive beneath the stars.

Menjangan Island and beyond (two dive packages).

Menjangan Island, sail away for a day and enjoy the natural beauty of this ‘Treasure of Buleleng’. Trips leave from the beach, we have our own speedboats, fast & comfortable. We leave at 08.30 and takes about 25mins to get to the island, because we have our own boats we are free to choose any location. You’ll usually spend about an hour at one location before moving to the beach for a break of an hour and a half, with light lunch & softdrinks provided. You can also find some good snorkeling from the beach. After that you move to a second location for another dive before returning to Pemuteran, usually back around 14.00.

Be warned however that there is a National Park entrance fee of 200,000Rps per person, per day. This additional fee is payable on-site.

Secret Bay/Gilimanuk. Here there be Critters for Underwater photographers!

Gondol & Beyond We be a takin’ ya to the east, to explore lesser known waters.

Westward bound New Reefs to explore.

Extras Stuff you need or might like/find handy.

Equipment (SCUBA or snorkel) Rental, Full or part sets for a day or not as the case may be. Torch always useful, especially at night. Dive Computer, very useful and somewhat mandatory at 25+m.

Plus digital camera/Gopro rentals to capture your own well found treasures.

We believe that snorkelers are people too. So if your partner or kids want to snorkel while you dive – no problem!

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