New treasures arrive for retiree photo wench Kat

A joyous day for local retiree and friend to pirates Kat Ramage as her new toys were delivered to the Sea Rovers the other day (not having a street address of her own). So we all got the pleasure of watching in envy as she unboxed all her new goodies.

We look forward seeing new images of the undersea treasures of NW Bali in the months to come. Once you figure out what goes where and have read the manual that is. 😉

Fun Fact – Nudibranchs are hermaphrodites

They have the reproductive organs of both sexes. They can mate with any other adult that happens to pass by—doubles their chances of ‘getting lucky.’ The male and female sexual openings are on the right sides of their bodies.

Nudis necking

Can I buy you a drink?


4 Nudibranchs mating

A group of Mexichromis hooking up

Other Sightings in March

Previous posts showed photos of nudibranchs and flighty fish shot in March; here are a few more of some other reef denizens. The turtle was in Menjangan; the others were all in Pemuteran Bay.

Turtle trying to rest on the bottom

Get these remoras off my belly!

This poor turtle was being menaced by some pesky remoras (barely visible on his belly in this photo). When the turtle was first spotted, they were riding his back; then he would get under an overhang to knock them off, and they would migrate to his underside. He would squirm on the bottom and they’d move back to his shell. I felt sorry for the guy.

Orangutan Crab (Achaeus japonicus)

Whadda YOU looking at?


Octopus at Temple Wall

Octopus slipping back into his hole on Temple Wall


Half-opened anemone

Anemone showing its purple underside


Fidgety Fishes from March Dives

The photo wench doesn’t usually shoot fish–especially flighty fidgety ones–but got a few lucky shots this month.

Juvenile Many-Spotted Sweetlips

Juvenile Sweetlips are super-challenging to shoot

Juvenile boxfish

Juvenile boxfish–I just love these guys

Striped triplefin blenny

Striped triplefin blennies don’t usually let you get too close

Nudibranch Notebook of Northwest Bali-March 2017

Pink & Yellow Nudi sitting on top of a sponge

Hypselodoris-bullockii from Menjangan

Orange polka-dotted nudi Pemuteran

Halgerda-batangas from Temple Wall

4-colored nudi from Menjangan

Chromodoris-quadricolor from Menjangan

Flabellina from Temple Wall Pemuteran

Flabellina from Temple Wall

Flabellina in the muck at Midway

Flabellina from Midway


The retired resident photo wench is obsessed with nudibranchs–here are some favorites from the dives made in March.

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