Its not just about the Temple Garden

Jon & Linda Anderson sent me a couple of photo’s from the ‘Temple Garden’ proving that the temple is not the only thing worth seeing down there.

This tiny little pygmy seahorse blending right in with some of the gorgonians that are all over the ‘Temple Wall’, along with pipefish, nudibranch and many more interesting little critters.

Denise Pygmy Seahorse

Look at me, I’m Tiny.

Denise Pygmy Seahorse

Where’d he go?

Thanks guys

The Captain

Photos by Judith & Walter

Nudibranch, Midway reef, Pemuteran
Octopus, Napoleon Reef, Pemuteran
Nudibranch, Menjangan Island
Pink Leafscorpion, Menjangan Island
Pygmy Seahorse, Napoleon Reef, Pemuteran
Ok, Mainly photos by Judith.

Judith and Walter just spent a few days diving with us and out of the hundreds of photo’s taken I chose these as they showed a couple of things even I hadn’t seen yet. (not fair)

Photos where taken in Pemuteran area and Menjangan Island.

Thanks for sharing

The Captain

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