Diana & Frank Photo’s, been more than a month but slacker that I am I finally got them posted. More photo’s can be found on there website at www.we-sea.it

Diana @ Menjangan Island

Jacks @ Close Encounters, Pemuteran

Photographing Jacks @ Close Encounters, Pemuteran

Damsels @ Menjangan Island

Turtle @ Menjangan Island

Razor fish and a cold Diana wearing a hood in 27C of water? 🙂
Menjangan Island

Great photo’s, especially the turtle shot. Check out many more on their website.

The Captain

Photo’s By Christoph Langer

More pics from the Brethren.


Tiger Tiger burning bright in the coral of the night.

Ornate Ghost pipefish

Ornate Ghostpipefish

I'm like an Olive Ridley Turtle

Like Dude! This is totally my best side.

Like check out my Remora dude. Sweet.

Dude. Check out my Remora.

Thanks for the pics Christoph

The Captain

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