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P. E. T

Pemuteran Environment and Community Trust.

What is PET?

PET is the acronym for the Pemuteran Environment and Community Trust. Established in June 2009 after significant debate, PET is a collective effort by like-minded individuals, to solicit voluntary donations from the users of the Pemuteran and Menjangan marine assets. These donations will be recorded in a transparent manner and distributed on a merit basis to Marine Conservation, Coastal Management and Community Projects.

As one of the active members of PET, we here at Sea Rovers Dive Centre, ask that you too, our diving and snorkeling guests, help us help the marine environment and community of Pemuteran by participating with us in this program.

We ask that all guests, who have enjoyed diving and / or snorkeling here with us and have seen the benefits of our work, make a voluntary minimum contribution of Rp20,000 per diver or Rp10,000 per snorkeler when you pay your bill ( of course, larger contributions are always accepted and appreciated!! )

Why is PET necessary?

The private sector has worked closely with the community on numerous projects and programs for many years now. Some programs, like Biorock™, Reef Gardeners, Turtle Hatchery and Pecalang Laut (Reef Guardians) are highly visible to visitors. Others such as Erosion Control, Clean Water Programs, Scholastic Support Programs, are less visible.

While these programs have been largely privately funded through the time and efforts of individuals on a not for profit basis, they have been successful and as such recognized with numerous awards. As the projects have grown, so has the cost of operating and expanding these projects.

Additional funding is required to secure the future of these projects and allow them to develop to their full potentials for the benefit of the community. Initiatives in Pemuteran have simply become too big for a group of volunteers, as have the needs and aspirations of the community with regard to these and other projects.

Do I have to donate to PET?

PET contribution are voluntary. The minimum donation accepted is Rp 20 000.00 per diver and Rp10 000.00 per snorkeler. Larger donations are welcomed.

Your donation should be recorded on an invoice with your payment for other diving or snorkeling services. If you make a donation and it is not recorded correctly on your invoice, please withdraw your donation.

Why should I donate to PET?

The ultimate goal of PET is to work with the community to get a mandate for a CMPA or Community Managed Marine Protected Area. The only way this can be achieved is by demonstrating to Governments and NGO’s alike, the ability to collect funds and effectively manage projects locally.

In many cases, Developing Nations do not have the budget allocations to address community aspirations. Nor are there any user pays taxes in place in Pemuteran, as there are in most Marine Parks around the globe.

By donating to PET you help secure the future of the environment in Pemuteran, along with the development of the existing positive initiatives, and allow us to work with the community to manage the destination for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.

Thank you in advance for your generous support and hope that you have a thoroughly enjoyable time here in Pemuteran.

Paul M Turley
Owner, Director, Instructor, Pirate Captain
Sea Rovers Dive Centre

PET Members and the Pemuteran Community.
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Reef Seen Aquatics Dive Resort,
Easy Divers,
Bali Diving Academy,
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