Secret Bay & Beyond

Secret Bay

Trip Time: ±40 minutes (by Car)

Current: Slight to strong

Brief: legendary Secret Bay dive site for macro photography, Seahorses, frogfish, Scorpion fish, a variety of ghost pipefish, dragonet, Nudibranch, Mantis shrimp etc…

Description: Secret Bay (or Gilimanuk Bay) Over the years this site became a bit of a legend in the diving community, previously second only to the world renowned twilight zone of Ambon. Not what it used to be due to the expansion of the Bali Java ferry terminal. This is still a good critter location. A muck dive, really only for the macro enthusiast. The mangrove lined bay 40 minutes drive from Pemuteran offers many rare and wonderful small things (critters). Not much coral, cool water and shallow, generally maxing out at 12mtrs, at a push.

Marine life: Lots and lots of little stuff. (Watch out for the mangrove snakes:)

An absolute must for any diver with a camera, a good eye and a macro lens.

Gondol Reef

Trip Time: ±20 minutes

Current: Slight to moderate

Brief: Very nice wall, then the Reef drops to a sandy area with some small clumps of corals.

Description: Another new and little explored location. The northern end is proving to be mainly very nice wall the eastern end dropping into the blue. Local fishermen claim tiger shark can be found in this location, but no divemaster from Pemuteran has yet seen one and all trips have returned unscathed.

Marine live: snapper, trevally, batfish, sweetlips, angelfish and fusiliers.

Unusual marine live: frogfish, pipefish, many interesting nudis, scorpionfish and octopus.

Occasional marine live: Big rays, Sharks and Whale sharks in rainy season

Other Reefs

Dive & Snorkeling Spots


Menjangan Island

Taman National Bali Barat (Bali’s National Park) is well known for its large expanse of walls, drop offs, diving and snorkeling.



Pemuteran Bay

with its wide variety of reefs, award winning BioRock coral projects, Garden of the Gods and Underwater Temple Garden


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