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Testimonials from the Pirate Brethren

June 2010, Hedi,

Fuer uns “Weltenmeertaucher” war es der erste Besuch in Bali. Wir waehlten die Tauchbasis Seerovers auf Empfehlung von Freunden . Wir haben den Besuch dort nicht bereut und sind fuer die Empfehlung wirklich dankbar.

Was uns natuerlich gut gefiel war die an der Tauchbasis und am Strand direkt angrenzende neue Hotelanlage mit 2 Pools. Keine langen Wege, keine Hotelburg, sondern kleine Gebaeude mit schmuckem Zimmer , Freiluftdusche und Toilette, eingefuegt in einen zauberhaft angelegten Garten. Es gibt dort eine wirklich gute Kueche und der Preis absolut fair . Tip: Lasst Euch taeglich mit Saeften verwoehnen, die werden naemlich alle direkt aus frischem Obst zubereitet, sind koestlich und kosten wenig.

Die direkt am Strand liegende Tauchbasis ist klein aber sehr fein. Die Tauchlehrer und das gesamte Personal sind voller Freude bei der Arbeit. Alle sind locker drauf , und stecken Dich mit ihrer Froehlichkeit an.

Wir kamen an der Tauchbasis an nur mit Badehose und unserem Tauchausweis. Paul, Hauptmann der Seeraeuber, managede alles zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit und wir waren in kuerzester Zeit mit allem was wir brauchten und was wichtig war, ausgestattet.

Du musstest nur einige Meter ueber den Strand zum Boot laufen, Dein ganzes Equipment ist schon an Bord. Ich habe noch nie solch einen spitzen Service erlebt. Wir hatten das Vergnuegen mit Made Parma als Tauchbegleiter tauchen zu koennen. Die Tauchgebiete – teilweise direkt vor der “Haustuere” – absolut sehenswert . Lange und weite Bootsfahrten sind also nicht notwendig. Aber Ihr koennt ja die einzelnen Tauchgebiete bei Searovers nachlesen.

Nach dem Tauchgang und noch im Wasser und am Boot, werden Dir Dein Bleiguertel, dann die Weste und die Flossen abgenommen und verstaut. Du brauchst nichts zu machen. Also KEIN muehsames mit etwas Hilfe ins Boot klettern, sondern ein lockers Treppauf ins Boot. Toll

Nach Rueckkehr zur Tauchbasis wirst Du mit Kaffee oder Tee in lustiger Runde verwoehnt. Dein Tauchanzug, Dein Equipment werden gereinigt und verstaut. Auch da brauchst Du Dich um nichts zu kuemmern.

Also, alles zusammen sehr empfehlenswert. Ein Tauchurlaub dort lohnt sich sehr.

On 06/22/10 16:39, Graham Barker wrote:

Hi Paul,

Back in the land of the real Bacon Butties (with HP of course!), we are having a little bit of Summer - mind you, went diving in the Clyde at the weekend and with water temperatures of just 7 degrees, I wished I was back with you in Bali!

Many thanks for organising the great time that we had there - I was really pleased that Peter was able to go diving. You have a very professional set-up there - one of the better dive centres that we've seen on our travels. Your equipment is top notch as is your equipment room and general areas. I thought that your boats were excellent too, although I know you have reservations about the Sea Rover 'cruiser' - I thought that it did the job well. Not really had time to look at my photos yet - hopefully there will be one or two decent ones. We thought that the diving was very good especially at Menjangan - mind you I do like a good wall. Secret Bay was enjoyable as well - don't normally go for the 'muck' dives but we quite enjoyed the two that we did there.

So all in all, I'm really pleased that I found you from t'internet. I'll spread the word over here and put a link to you from our dive club website ( - feel free to stick a link from your site to us. I'll probably upload some photo's of our trip on there sometime in the future - just need to find the time!

So, say Hi to the guys from us - and thank them again for the help that they gave us, and particularly thanks to Abdul for showing us some of the sites - I hope that he passes his Rescue Diver/DiveMaster in due course.

Hopefully we'll be back in a year or two - wouldn't mind coming back for the Sun Fish 'season' down off Penida, and would gladly come back to you for a change of scene.

Until then, take care and I hope that your dive centre goes from strength to strength.

Best Regards
Graham & Peter

Mieke & Frank, November 2009,
Hey guys! Dear Ditta, Made, Abdul (Helmet hihihi!) and Paul,

Fridaymorning 05:30h. our plane landed in a cold, a very cold!, Holland. Difference in temperature between 25 and 30 degrees Celcius!! (brrrrrr, freezing! back to sweaters, thick socks, boots, long trousers a.s.o..... : ( ) Once again we would like to thank the complete staff of Searovers: we had a fantastic stay at Adi Assri mostly because of you guys/girl!
Please say 'hi' to Tom and Ann from Belgium. We met them last week at Manta Dive in Gili T.

More pictures will follow soon!

Kind regards and all the best.....!

Mieke van Roosmalen and Frank van den Brand
Heesch, the Netherlands

Tony & the Passion 4 Diving group, October 2009

Yoho yoho Captain Paul,
Thank you for the pleasant stay en dives at your diveplace at adi assri hotel.
All the peopel of the group have enjoy the stay en beautiful dives the make.
Back in Holland we miss the nice sun en the warm water we dive in by you there on the Island.
Dont you forget my t shirts???

Yoho yoho Captain see you
Tony Aarden from the Dutch group

Yvonne Tijmes, Passion 4 Diving group,

Back home after 2 weeks diving around Bali. We enjoyed the Liberetywreck but even so much we enjoyed diving with you.Thanks for fitting us in.We all agreed we made beautifull dives with you.Today we were diving in Zeeland with 14 degrees celcius in the water.After the dive ther was soup.Green peasoup.MMMM i liked the cup off tea better with you.But her it is back to our jobs. You have a nice life and good business with the diving. Keep it safe.

greetings Passion 4 diving Bergen op Zoom

Yvonne Tijmes

Lee, Phyllis & Gary, October 2009

Thanks. All in all a great trip. One small revelation: I’d figured it would take longer to get to Menjangan from your place than from the port nearest, but your boat’s so much faster than those floating wrecks they use it’s pretty much a wash—if anything, shorter on your end. Another revelation: Secret Bay’s a true ecosystem, not just interesting critters living in sunken junk. That needs to be spoken of more, I think. All of us were waay more impressed with it than we anticipated, while some expressed slight disappointment in Menjangan—however, my wife, who’s not a photographer, was delighted with Menjangan, because the UW landscape is so grand, and was also delighted with Secret Bay, which you’d think would only be loved by photographers—which is doubly great, because I couldn’t have gotten my shots without her.

As for the shots, you’ll see that I don’t try to color balance them in the camera, because I’ve heard that with my unit at least that doesn’t work so well. You should see from some of the earlier shots that I’d already processed that if I’m shallow enough I can do a good job with color in the computer, even though I have a low-priced competitor to Photoshop called Corel Paint Shop Pro.

One other revelation was that the divemasters can’t scurry around looking for cool stuff all the time because they have to conserve air in case someone gets in a jam. I get spoiled on liveaboards we use because we get two divemasters, with more attendant scurrying. But that’s a different deal, I realize.

All in all I think we prefer Permuteran and Sea Rovers to Tulamben, though the Liberty Wreck and their mini wall and shore dive-available reefs are superior. But it seems like the sea life there has diminished over the years, and as we get older, the pain in the ass entry/exit there gets to be more of a, well, pain in the ass. They should have kept the stone-free path in from Palm Paradise clear instead of giving up on it after a storm filled it with rocks again. And though you lack the Liberty Wreck, you’ve got Menjangan and Secret Bay. Plus the Periplus book talks about other dive possibilities near you that might deserve exploration once we’ve seen everything close by a bunch.

And Phyl and I appreciate getting as much consideration as we did for our need on her part and desire on mine to go shallow generally.

I’ll copy you on my write-up for

If you like a non-color-corrected shot lemme know and I’ll send you a processed one. If it’s too deep I can only correct the greenish cast by making it monochromatic, but that’s not necessarily bad if the critter’s shape is interesting enough. And face it, what kind of color does a flathead have anyway?


Ron Messing, August 2009

Hallo there, thanks for the great dives last August.

Filtering the pictures made during holiday I found this funny one, within a second he disapeared in the "pool" we wouldn't even fit in.

regards Ron Messing

Bruce & Lynn Dickhoff, May 2009

Hi Paul,
Many thanks for sending along the photos you took of our dive together. It's a nice record of the trip.

Your dive service was the best I encountered while in Bali. It is really special to have a place to hang and talk with other divers and staff. It was great to be pampered by the ever smiling Ditta and her welcome cups of tea and coffee.

Lynn really enjoyed talking to Ditta and learning more about the balinese culture. It was fun to see your wedding pictures and learn about wedding traditions.

Best wishes.

Jon & Linda Anderson, September 2008 (Returning to the Brethren, October 09)

A big, fat, pirate Terima Kas to you, Paul. This looks perfect. We really look forward to our time in the north. In fact, when I'm stressed (and attempting yoga and meditation), I think about the calm, peaceful aura at Adi Assri. I also think about how thrilled we were with Mucky Pirate's Bay and all the teensy and exotic critters we saw (and photographed) there. If you need anything else from us before we arrive, please let us know. And thank you again. Sumpai Jumpa. Linda

Rod & Angie, April 2009

Hi Paul,

Many thanks again for providing such great diving on our recent visit! The reefs were superb and it's the nicest diving I've done for years. Staff were great, equipment was modern and the boat was quick. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable trip.

Thanks also for taking us on the muck dive and pointing out all the little critters. It was good to be able to try out photography under yr guidance as well and we enjoyed the write-up you did on the blog!

We're telling all the guys here how good it was and Angie will be back very soon anyway.

Yr welcome to use any of this as a testimonial if you like.

See you again.

Rod & Angie.

Bengal Tiger Line
Rod Steel
The Tiger Line ..... The Direct Line

To see Rod's photos check out the Captain's Blog

Jan Paul & Susan, Nov 2008

Hi Captain Paul and Sea Rovers crew,
Thank you very much for the great time you gave us. Nice dives, good coffee, great admosphere and lots of fun are the memories we took home after being for 6 days in Pemuteran. I hope someday we will meet again and wish you all the best from a cold and snowy Holland.
Best regards,
Jan-Paul and Susan

To see Jan Paul's photos check out the Captain's Blog

Alexandra, Hildegard, Markus and Gilbert, Oct 2008

Hi Paul,
Thank you for the nice nice dives. This year we had only three dives (in one day), but next time we will come longer.
Attached you will find some pictures from the Secret Bay. If you would like, you could give them on your website.
Best regards from Austria (also from Hildegard, Markus and Gilbert).
Alexandra Grabmayer

To see Alexandra's photos check out the Captain's Blog

Markus Ungersböck, Oct 2008

Dear Paul
After our two weeks in Bali and nearly 20 dives spread all over the island I've to confirm that your base was simply the best!
It was a lucky chance the we've been dropped at Adi Assir Hotel and used the opportunity to go diving - unfortunately only for three dives.
Also I was curious about my pictures on your web site - you have them flawless overworked!
Last but not least I wish you the best for the future and try to keep your divebase running in the current line - even the whole region is going crazy in the next years.

Best regards
Markus Ungersböck

Check out Markus's photos on the Captain's Blog

Jon & Linda Anderson 11th Oct 2008

Hi there,
We had a great time diving with Sea Rovers and staying at Adi Assri last month. We definitely want to return and stay longer, and we will recommend you to our dive buddies. Thank you so much for great experiences. And good luck on your new business! I've been cruising through your web site and I came across the critter you photographed in Mucky Pirate's Bay (which, by the way, was one of our favorite dives!). We saw something similar at Wakatobi a few years ago. Linda Anderson P.S. Once 'the husband' has done some editing on his photos, we'll send you a couple. Here is the 'ectobranch':


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