The Pirate Crew keeps our rentals ship-shape

Dive crew servicing regulators

All the pirates be making the equipment ship-shape


Rental equipment being serviced

Abdul is teaching regulator repair


Toni servicing a rental regulator

Now how do I put this back together?


Keeping all of our rental regulators in top shape so you can just focus on diving and having a piratical good time.

Malaysian Pirate Brethren invade Pemuteran

Malaysian Pirate Brethren and Instructor Ivan (the Terrible) Foong, of Club Nomad. Stalks the streets of Pemuteran at night. Looking for a sign that matches his Pirate t-shirt. In the hope of being lead to undersea treasures by the Sea Rovers Brethren of the Northwest Bali coast.

Garrr! and thanks Wade for the photo

Brethren Gonzalo Dives Pemuteran

Gonzalo & Edi on the boat before Temple Garden

Gonzalo & Edi are all OK before diving Temple Garden

Brethren Gonzalo, visiting Bali from Ecuador, had only 1 day to dive in NW Bali. He really wanted to visit Temple Garden, so after a brief deep diver orientation, that’s where our crew took him. Conditions were great–good visibility with no current, and he enjoyed having Edi as a private guide.

Gonzalo & Edi posing for the camera

Gonzalo & Edi hovering in the shallows at Takat Jaran


Hope you can make it back to Pemuteran soon. Be sure to send us some of the photos you took.

Underwater Temple Garden Dive Site – FAQs

Buddha head statue at Temple Garden

Lots of soft coral and other life on this Buddha head statue


Statue at Temple Garden with soft coral and encrusting sponge

One of the many heads in Temple Garden Pemuteran


Constructed as one of the three BRF/Aus Aid funded projects, with the local divecentres. this spooky location consists of a small temple garden starting at 30m and works its way back to the dive site Temple Wall. Statues of Buddha, Ganesha, turtles and more abound behind an ornate Balinese gateway. Behind the central statue is an interesting little bommie with Buddha heads covered in cleaning shrimps. Up the wall and in the crevices behind you can find electric clams sparking away. Then at 15m you come to area of plinths and statue heads sitting in communion.


Is Temple Garden a snorkeling site?

No, not really. The statues are at a depth of 15-30 metres, and the visibility is often not the best due to its location in the bay. From the surface, you won’t be able to distinguish any real structural features because everything is covered with marine life. A better choice for snorkeling if you want to see statues and structures is Biorock.

NOTE; You may have seen pictures like these below on the internet showing statues and snorkelers. This is NOT the Temple Garden in Pemuteran.

Snorkeler & statues from the internet-not Temple Garden

NOT the Underwater Temple Garden in Pemuteran

Internet photo with snorkelers confused with Temple Garden

Also, NOT the UW Temple Garden in Pemuteran



Can I dive Temple Garden as part of an Introductory Dive Course or Discover Scuba Diving experience?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. If you complete the introductory dive course with us, you will have a temporary certificate that is valid for 14 days. This allows you to dive under the direct supervision of a divemaster or instructor to a maximum depth of 12 metres (Temple Garden is at 15-30 metres). But you CAN join us on any of our other normal trips.


I am an Open Water Diver. Can I go to Temple Garden?

If you have lots of diving experience, including deep dives (bring your logbook) and you’ve done a dive with one of our staff, then most certainly you can go.

If you want to get your Advanced Adventurer or Advanced Diver certifications or Deep Diver specialty, with a little bit of bookwork, we can take you there as your deep training dive.

Even if you don’t want to get a certification, you can sit down with one of our instructors, get a deep diver orientation and he will accompany you on the dive.


I have Advanced and/or Deep Diver certification, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been diving. What about me?

Yes, but not as your first/only dive with us. Consider taking a refresher course or a gentle refresher dive with one of our instructors/divemasters first. Get your feet wet on a slow and easy dive, sort out any equipment/buoyancy issues, and then you’ll be ready to go.


Temple Garden is one of the premier sites in Pemuteran, and we want to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for our brethren.




Guide for the Metrically-Impaired–Weight

Weight belt with weights

If you use a weight belt

Weight pockets for integrated BCDs

If you use an integrated BCD

To finish up this series, let’s discuss what is probably the easiest conversion to make–pounds to kilograms. A kilogram is 2.2 pounds, so a good rule of thumb is to take the amount of weight you use at home and divide it by 2. Most people usually dive with a little extra weight anyway, so this should work out just right.

Having said that, if it’s your first dive in a long time, or if you have a brand- new wetsuit, this shortcut might not work for you. If it’s your first dive in awhile, you will probably be just a little bit unsure/anxious, your breathing will be affected and you will need more lead. After a couple of dives, you will be back in the groove and can take off the extra. If you have a brand-new suit, the neoprene bubbles haven’t been compressed yet. In both of these instances, make the conversion and add 1 more kilo.

If you are someone who has perfected your buoyancy and you have been diving recently, ask the DM if they have weights in half-kilo or one-and-a-half kilo sizes. Together, you’ll be able to come up with the right combination for you.

So, my metrically-impaired brethren, I hope you have enjoyed this series and found it helpful. Happy bubbles everyone!


Club Nomad from Malaysia Descends on Sea Rovers and Pemuteran

Caryn, Ivan and Wade, from Club Nomad in Malaysia, enjoyed 3 days of diving with Sea Rovers this week. They explored Menjangan, Temple Garden, Coral Bommie, Close Encounters, Napoleon Reef and Mucky Pirate Bay during their holiday. Wade was tortured as he completed his skills for Rescue Diver throughout their visit. Hope to see you guys (and other members of Club Nomad) for another trip soon.

Club Nomad on their last dive in Pemuteran

Caryn, Ivan & Wade on their last dive in Pemuteran


Caryn from Club Nomad diving at Coral Bommie

Caryn is ready for her close-up at Coral Bommie


Ivan from Club Nomad diving at Coral Bommie

Ivan living long and prospering at Coral Bommie


Wade from Club Nomad diving at Napoleon Reef

Wade with Darth Vader floating overhead posing for the camera at Napoleon Reef


Caryn, Ivan & Wade during surface interval Pemuteran

Caryn, Ivan & Wade wishing us all to live long and prosper

Wout dives deep at Temple Garden

Wout gives the OK sign with Captain Paul

Wout & Cap’n Paul at 30 metres Temple Garden Pemuteran


Wout learning about getting narc'd from Captain Paul

Wout listens intently as Cap’n Paul explains nitrogen narcosis on deep dives

Today the Cap’n got out of the office and into the water with Wout from the Netherlands. The site he wanted to visit was Temple Garden, which is an advanced dive at 30 metres. Wout didn’t have experience with deep diving, so he took a step towards Advanced Adventurer and learned all about it from our knowledgeable and fearless leader. Both thoroughly enjoyed the dive and spotted a turtle as they headed up to their safety site–lucky buggers!

Guide for the Metrically-Impaired – Temperature

Speaking as an American, when I hear the water temperature is 29 degrees, I momentarily freak-out until I remember that this is in Celcius. But even then, I’m not exactly sure what that means (if I don’t have my trusty Smartphone to make the conversion for me). So here’s a guide, plus some exposure suit recommendations from scubadiving.com.

above 29° above 84.2° bathing suit or dive skin 1-2mm shorty or full suit
27° – 29° 80.6° – 84.2° dive skin or 1-2mm shorty/full suit 1-2mm full suit
23° – 26° 73.4° – 78.8° 2mm shorty or 2-3mm full suit 3mm-5mm full suit
19° – 25° 66.2° -77° 3mm – 5mm full suit 5mm-7mm full suit
15° – 18° 59° – 64.4° 5mm-7mm full suit 7mm full suit + 2mm shorty
below 15°  below 59° You are not likely in Bali Brrrrrrrr!

Currently the water temp in Pemuteran is 28-29 degrees. Only once in Bali have I experienced the 15-18 degree range–September 2015 down in the south at Crystal Bay to see the mola-molas. Last year it was much warmer and apparently not many molas were found due to the higher temperatures.

You can always contact the Sea Rovers office before your trip to decide what exposure protection you need to bring. Here’s a tip for those easily-chilled: invest in a hood; it’s small and light-weight and can make a big difference in your comfort level.


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