The Povey family’s first day with the Pirates

The Povey’s arrived in Pemuteran ready for a range of experiences–snorkeling, Discover Scuba diving, scuba diving refresher and an advanced dive to 30 meters at the renowned site Temple Garden. The Pirates at Sea Rovers can do it all. The guys on the boat were heading out for diving and snorkeling; the guys on the beach at Mucky Pirates Bay were doing Discover scuba and a refresher dive. Their next adventure will be to charter a boat for a personalized trip to Menjangan. Enjoy!



Killer Robot Reef Rangers

Robotic technology is being developed to help rid the reefs of invasive species–the crown of thorns starfish on our side of the world and the lionfish in the Atlantic and Caribbean.

Robot designed to kill the invasive crown of thorns

From Scientific American:

The Great Barrier Reef will have a robotic protector beginning this winter. The underwater autonomous vehicle is programmed to patrol the massive living structure in search of destructive crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS), which it then kills by lethal injection. These starfish prey on coral polyps, and although they are native to the reef, their population has exploded in the past few years, possibly because of overfishing of their natural predators. Click here to read the full story.

Our friends in the Atlantic and Caribbean also have a serious problem with the invasive lionfish. Another robot has been proposed to help with this predator.

Prototype of the lionfish killer robot

From Live Science:

The robotics company iRobot, known for creating the autonomous and endearing Roomba vacuums, is taking steps to make a clean sweep of lionfish in the coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean, with a robot designed to target and dispatch the invasive fish. Click here to read the full article



Welcome Returning Brethren Uwe, Claudia & Amelia

The pirates at Sea Rovers welcomed returning brethren Uwe, Claudia and Amelia from Germany today. They decided to get their fins wet with a refresher dive at Mucky Pirates Bay. Captain Paul and Abdul accompanied them, running through a few skills, then leisurely cruising the site for weird & wonderful sea life.

A refresher is always a great idea at the beginning of your dive holiday. It gives you the chance to make sure all your gear is functioning properly, get your weighting right and fine tune your buoyancy.

There’s a good moon on the rise

I see a good moon a rising
I see a night dive underway
I see divers checking torches
I see a flat calm tranquil bay

So lets go down tonight
There’s bound to be some sights
Down in Mucky Pirates Bay

I hear bubbles as they’re rising
I know the dive won’t be ending soon
I fear someones kicking sand up
I can see flashes burn like day

So lets go down tonight
There’s bound to be some sights
Down in Mucky Pirates Bay

I hope you got all your things together
I hope we dive another day
Looks like we’re in for more good weather
Looking through the cameras eye today

Oh lets go down tonight
There’s bound to be some sights
There’s a good moon on the rise
There’s a good moon on the rise

Walter Dives Mucky Pirates Bay at Night

Night dive, Mucky Pirates Bay, Pemuteran, Bali, Indonesia

Panoramic view of Mucky Pirates Bay at sunset


Night dives at Mucky Pirates Bay with the Pirates of Sea Rovers are awesome! We often see frogfish, octopus, sometimes seahorses and other unique night time critters. When you book a dive package of 3 days or more, you will get a free night or shore dive.

Walter from Malaysia went out with dive guide Edi to shoot the creatures of the night here on our house reef. Hopefully Walter will send in some of his photos for us to share.

Dive guide Edi, Mucky Pirates Bay, night dive, Pemuteran, Bali, Indonesia

Walter getting ready to put on his tank


Dive guide Edi, night dive, Mucky Pirates Bay, Pemuteran, Bali, Indonesia

Edi defogging his mask as Walter waits excitedly to get in and start shooting







Night dive, Mucky Pirates Bay, Pemuteran, Bali, Indonesia

Walter and camera are ready to shoot some critters

Throwback Thursday-Shots from 2001

I had this great idea of doing a weekly Throwback Thursday post, choosing images shot in the same week of a previous year. I found a file of images from 2009 and had several photos ready to post, but then realized that none of these critters are found here in NW Bali (I was living in Grand Cayman then).

So, I had to change my criteria and just picked photos from the past of things that could be found here. So, the photos in today’s post were shot in 2001 when I was on a liveaboard in Komodo. I’ve seen all of them this month on my dives with Sea Rovers.

Mantis shrimp, Indonesia, Underwater photo

Mantis shrimp poking out of its hole


Porcelain crab, anemone

Porcelain crab in its anemone


Tiger Cowrie, Komodo, Indonesia, Underwater photo

Usually you see just the tiger cowrie shell, but this one’s mantle is extended & it is feeding

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