Caryn, Ivan and Wade, from Club Nomad in Malaysia, enjoyed 3 days of diving with Sea Rovers this week. They explored Menjangan, Temple Garden, Coral Bommie, Close Encounters, Napoleon Reef and Mucky Pirate Bay during their holiday. Wade was tortured as he completed his skills for Rescue Diver throughout their visit. Hope to see you guys (and other members of Club Nomad) for another trip soon.

Club Nomad on their last dive in Pemuteran

Caryn, Ivan & Wade on their last dive in Pemuteran


Caryn from Club Nomad diving at Coral Bommie

Caryn is ready for her close-up at Coral Bommie


Ivan from Club Nomad diving at Coral Bommie

Ivan living long and prospering at Coral Bommie


Wade from Club Nomad diving at Napoleon Reef

Wade with Darth Vader floating overhead posing for the camera at Napoleon Reef


Caryn, Ivan & Wade during surface interval Pemuteran

Caryn, Ivan & Wade wishing us all to live long and prosper

Sea Rovers Message in e-bottle The pirates who dive

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