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Centre your calm – meditate on a fish.

Testimonials: Capt Pugwash “Me piratical calm was well and truly centred after this experience.” Capt Jack Sparrow “I kept all the calm and gave nothing back. Truly life altering.” Sea Rovers Dive Centre, your only choice in calm cent…ring fish hugging meditative environmentally friendly diving 🙂

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Anne’s Sea Rovers Crew

Thanks to Brethren Anne Green for sharing this fun photo of some of the misfits of Pemuteran. Pirates all.

What they say on the Lonely Planet


Jul 14, 2011 7:01 PM
Posts: 26

Diving from Pemueran, Bali – expressing thanks
This post comes to thank kilo_fox and DiveNow for their help when I posted a question with whom to dive from Pemuteran.
Both recommended Sea Rovers – and I am thankful to them both.
The dive centre is remarkable for top equipment, efficiency, friendliness and helpfulness. The dive guides are excellent, small groups and efficient boats. And, needless to say, safety is paramount.
They are not mentioned in the current Bali Lonely Planet edition. I would highly recomment them.
The Adi Assri resort is also recommended as a relaxing place in a beautiful gardens.


Mar 7, 2011 11:13 AM
Posts: 27

Sea Rovers was very good, try them. The Adi Assri resort was also a great and relaxing place to stay. If you like macro diving at all, you should consider diving Secret Bay also to look for seahorses, frogfish, banggai cardinalfish, pipefish and more.


Feb 24, 2011 8:03 AM
Posts: 770

I dived there with Sea Rovers and had an excellent experience. They have top equipment, super guides and are very conscious regarding safety. They are (or at least, were) a bit more expensive than the other dive shops, but really worth it..

Listen to the Captain

Listen to the Local: Self-dubbed pirate captain Paul M Turley left the cold waters of his homeland to set up a dive shop in the northern village of Pemuteran in 1997, and he hasn’t looked back since. We find out what made the veteran instructor choose Bali as his new home. What’s your favorite dive spot in Bali? That’s […]

Rough Seas in Pemuteran Bay

The weather is a bit choppy at the moment, even the Menjangan Island has closed. It’ll blow over, always does. Atleast its not raining.

Sea Rovers Message in e-bottle The pirates who dive

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