Captain In Da Hoodie, Yo

So here is the sample for a Piratical Sea Rovers Hoodie. Anyone interested?

I can also vouch for how warm you get wearing a fleece lined jacket at midday 8 degrees south of the equator. Who said models don’t work hard 🙂

Cynical Seahorse in port for some TLC

Cynical Seahorse up for some TLC. Lick of paint, some touch up and a couple of modifications. Two weeks and she’ll be better than new and ready for more.

Farewell to the trainees of 2012

Every year we take on work placement trainees for 3/4 months. This year was no different with a couple of canny lads who worked well, worked hard and became part of the Sea Rovers crew.

Mr Edy and Mr Rosi, we raise our tankards of Rum to you and wish you well for the future.

Balinese ceremonies for Piratically orientated speedboats

Once every 6 months on the Balinese calendar we have to bless all our metal and machines.

We pray to the Gods they don’t fail us at inopportune moments.

We pray for calm seas and the wind at our backs.

For a bounty of tourist gold cards in the high season so when the low season comes we know we are secure from deprivation 🙂

Dear Gods bless this fleet and all who sail in them.

A new guiding light for lost Pirate Divers

Our old sign was looking just a tad faded so it was time for someting new.

A beacon of Piratical hope for the brethren of the North West Bali coast. Bring our pirate divers safely home.

Looks good too 🙂

Sea Rovers Message in e-bottle The pirates who dive

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