Sea Rovers HQ

Some pictures of Sea Rovers new HQ located in Sunny Pemuteran at Jl Singaraja-Gilimanuk. We’re easy to find just look for the red Pirate flag. Yes we give no quarter, but full service as usual. Above and beyond, Mateys.

Thanks to Mr Lasse for his loan of his camera and wide angle lens, we can show off some of the interior of our new premises.

Bali Boat Building

So the new boat is slowly taking shape. She’ll be pretty much identical to the Nasty Nemo, with a couple of modifications as suggested by you our Sea Rovers brethren.

As for the name. Well we’ll be posting up the finalist from the boat naming competition for you to like on our Facebook page sometime soon. So watch this https://www.facebook.com/SeaRovers page to vote.

Bali boat building 1

Still in the mold.

Bali Boat Building 2


Bali Boat Building 3

A place for cables

Bali Boat Building 4

A place for fuel

Bali Boat Building 5

Easier entry for the vertically challenged

Bali Boat Builder 6

Boat builder

Bali Boat Builder 7


Bali Boat Builder 8

More bits to add

For those of you in the market for a good quality, well planned dive boat, drop us an email at boats@searovers.net search our blog for Nasty Nemo, for images and video of the boat in action. We’ve been using this design for 2+ years and she’s spot on for any small dive centre. Our boat builder is of course keen to build more.The Captain


Captain In Da Hoodie, Yo

So here is the sample for a Piratical Sea Rovers Hoodie. Anyone interested?

I can also vouch for how warm you get wearing a fleece lined jacket at midday 8 degrees south of the equator. Who said models don’t work hard 🙂

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