Nasty Nemo hits the water and shows us what’s she can do.

Pelan Pelan, satu, dua, tiga and PUSH!

My grud. She floats. Now thats what I call an auspicious start to this endeavour 🙂

The Captain and Mister Tony, (Bali Mercury, supplier of fine engines and chandeler to Pirates 🙂 slowly taking her out of the bay

Lets open her up and race the wind.

A bunch of happy boys with their new toy. Left to Right, Captain Sahari (now captain of the Nasty Nemo), Captain Abdul (in training for Divemaster), Captain Tony (owner of Bali Mercury, long time friend and our engine supplier), First Mechanic Ratmon (Bali Mercury) and Myself, Captain Paul M Turley, at your service.

She still needs a canopy and some lifevests but other than than she’s ready to cruise at a very comfortable rate of knots, the waters of Pemuteran, North West Bali and perhaps beyond.

The Captain

Fare thee well to Trainees

Commodore Kerry made it over for a few week in September and October, Just in time to say farewell to our trainees. Three months hard labour aboard the good divebase Sea Rovers, Pemuteran.

Commodore, Captain and Crew toast farewell to the trainees

Slainte Mhath fellow Brethren

Ditta presents Budi with his certificate

Reception Wench and Kommissaris Ditta Presents Mr Putu Epot Budi Arsana with his certificate

Captain Paul, Jolly well done Mr Putu

Yours truly, Captain Paul presenting Mr Putu Mangku with his Certificate.

Commodore Kerry, Splendid job Mr Kadek

And last but by no means least our Commodore Kerry presents Mr Kadek Karsana with his certificate

We wish them well and success in their future careers, whatever they may be and who knows, as we expand perhaps you’ll see one of these faces again as our next Captain or Divemaster.

Good Luck Lads

The Captain

Crew Pics

divemaster wayan looking for pygmy seahorse at Menjangan
Divemaster Made; who needs a regulator for diving?
Made and Abdul hanging out at menjangan islandSome crew photo’s

The boys who make it all possible and show you the critters.

Let here it for the boys, boys!

The Captain

Gods bless this Venture

Abdul & Wayan blessing the Vicious Guppy
The Captain enjoys a good blessing
Office temple
The less than Holy Captain and Crew. Garr! :-)
Sea Rovers first ceremony, Bali being the island of the gods requires many ceremonies for many things. There is a good day to be born, a good day to marry and a good day to be dead (some might say there is never a good day to be dead). The 12th of December was a full moon and hence a good day for us to install our own little offering box to the Hindu gods of Bali. But also to cleanse ourselves and our equipment of any evil spirits that inhabit. (Not The RUM!!! Aaaargh… The Captain).

Thus cleansed and purified we are better prepared for the year to come.

The Captain

Who we Be. Updated

Finally got round to writing the crews tales.

So check out the ‘About Us’ page on our website to learn more about the Sea Rovers crew and gaze in wonder at their mug shots.

The Captain

Sea Rovers Message in e-bottle The pirates who dive

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