Coke, Sea Rovers & a Smile

Coke a Cola makes Sea Rovers smile

Is it the Coke or was it the diving?

Ron & Katy, Bob & Bonnie, Phil & Debi all enjoying the day at Menjangan Island. Question you should be asking is what do we put into the diving that makes the Brethren so happy?

That would be the Captains Secret Recipe 🙂

Jon and Linda with the Irrepressible Sea Rovers Brethren

Jon & Linda Anderson just sent me these prints from their second sojourn with the motley brethren of the NW Bali coast.

Above Left>Right DM Made, Linda, Reception Wench Ditta and Nakhoda (Captain) Abdul

Working clockwise starting with top left Nakhoda Sahari, Trainee Putu, Linda & Jon, Nakhoda Botac, DM Made, Nakhoda Abdul, Helper Budi

Having fun and going diving, what more could you ask for.

The Captain

Estonia meets The Pirates Who Dive

Kairi Raudsepp, new to diving having completed her intro dive here with yours truly and now a new member of the Facebook Piratical Brethren site. Kairi send over a few memories of her time here with Sea Rovers.

Kairi & DM Wayan, in front of Sea Rovers

Kairi and SDI Divemaster Wayan Subratha

Capt Paul & Reception Wench Ditta

At your service, Captain Paul M Turley and the infectiously smiling Reception Wench Ditta

Kairi & DM Wayan, lounge at the gunwale enjoying the surface interval at Menjangan Island

Kairi & DM Wayan enjoying a surface interval at Menjangan Island


Captain Botak, trying to cop some zzzz…… Scurvy dog! I’ll have him flogged.

The crazy adventures of wacky DM Wayan and Captain Abdul

DM Wayan and Captain Abdul (also trainee guide) having way too much fun when they should be working.

Kairi also has the distinction of being our first ever guest from Estonia. We wish her all the best as she has already signed up for her Open Water Course back home. Brrrr…… And we look forward to taking her diving again soon.

The Captain

Sea Rovers Message in e-bottle The pirates who dive

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