Bringin in the catch – Pemuteran Fishermen

Pemuteran is not all about great diving and snorkeling. There is a lot more to see and experience here. Traditional fishing continues here despite the increase of tourism. And if it wasn’t for the Nelayan (traditional fishing group) it would be very difficult for us to keep the less than traditional fishermen out. Its by working with a community that anything can be done for the environment.

Westward Bound & Warty Frogfish

The Westward Bound trip is not something we do often. Most guests want to go all the way to Menjangan Island. But thats a shame because these reefs have a lot to offer and some of the walls are equally as good as Menjangan Island but with less divers around. Actually none we we’re the only boat for miles 🙂

Unfortunately I only had the GoPro with me and the second dive the batteries were dead 🙁 However at the end of a 111 minute dive (yes thats right, we have long long dives here) 🙂 we found this little beauty and I managed to squeeze some juice out of the camera.

Video from dive one at will be a while in coming. But will get it together eventually.

Saltwater Crocs found in Pemuteran

Be careful of the Pemuteran wildlife

Mated pair of Saltwater Crocs

Pemuteran wildlife

Recently spotted basking in the shade of a coastal hibiscus on the beach in front of Sea Rovers were this obviously mated pair of Saltwater Crocs. Note the colouring which helps to differentiate between the male and female of the species.

The Captain 😛

More underwater graphica

More reinventing old photos, just for the heck of it.

Pipefish & Camoflaged Crabs

Ode to pipefish by the Captain

Of Muck & Pirates in the Bay be found
Ghostpipefish by the bushel abound
Ornate, Robust swim around with glee
All await a photograph from Me

Garr ! 😉

Some of the decorator crabs in Mucky Pirates Bay are getting the art of camouflage down pat. And a teeny weeny blue suckered octopus make a house in a piece of discarded pipe.

Sea Rovers Message in e-bottle The pirates who dive
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